Windproof or warming, our range of body warmers will keep you comfortable without restricting your game in any way.

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    Golf vest – women’s – the perfect garment

    A padded vest is one of those pieces you simply need in your golf closet. It is super versatile and might be the garment you will end up using the most. Add a vest to any outfit and you will instantly be protected from the cold, wind, and light rain.

    A vest can be used as an outer layer on top of a sweater or a jacket, or even right on top of a base layer or a polo shirt depending on the weather. On colder days, the vest can be added underneath a larger jacket to add a lot of extra warmth. It will also provide protection from the wind if the jacket itself is missing that feature. During the rainy and chilly rounds, add a women’s golf vest underneath your rain jacket to add warmth.

    These women’s golf vests are not only practical but also very good-looking. These garments definitely deserve to be worn outside the golf course as well, making them even more versatile and useful. You simply need to add one to your wardrobe.

    Women’s golf vest made of high-tech material

    Our women's golf vests are made in our patented INTERFACE-1™ material. The fabric is not only soft to the touch but also extremely comfortable to wear. It’s stretchy and lightweight and won’t affect your swing at all. The premium material is 100% windproof and water resistant which means it will protect you from light rain and showers. The vests are padded with Thermore® which is made with 100% recycled polyester, making it not only great for the environment but also extremely lightweight. Speaking of environmentally friendly, these vests have earned the bluesign® certification which indicates that the production of the garment doesn’t have any negative effect on the planer or its inhabitants – people, and animals.

    Galvin Greens vests have a warming effect #3 and will keep you warm in even the coldest conditions.

    How to match the ladies’ golf vest

    Pick out a warm ladies’ golf sweater to go with the vest. Choose from many colors and styles and warming effects #1 and #2. Mix and match to find the perfect combination just for you.

    To complete the look, select a hat or a cap from our golf accessories for women collection. Choose between windproof and insulating materials depending on what weather condition you are playing in. And while you are at it, pick out a neck warmer as well, perfect for windy conditions.