The warming comfort featured by the soft, stretchy INSULA™ range is unmatched.

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    What makes a good golf thermal mid layer?

    What should you look for in a good quality golf thermal mid layer? Galvin Green is a premium golf apparel brand specializing in high-tech, performance clothing such as waterproofs, base layers, golf pants, and golf mid layers. Based in Sweden, Galvin Green understands the need for good quality mens golf mid layers and thermal layers when playing outdoor sports. If you play golf in cold, windy, or rainy conditions, then a Galvin Green golf thermal mid layer is an ideal piece to have in your wardrobe. 

    Galvin Green’s golf apparel range is designed to work together, which means each golf thermal mid layer is cut to fit comfortably over a base layer, and underneath a jacket, while still offering full freedom of movement. As part of a sophisticated layering concept called Comfort Combinations, Galvin Green offers several weights of golf mid layers so that golfers can choose which level of warmth they need, depending on the weather.

    The best mens golf mid layers

    What golf apparel brand makes the best mens golf mid layers? The best golf thermal mid layer will be designed from high-tech materials, engineered to ensure full comfort during the sport, and be made from fabrics that are sustainable and safe for the planet. 

    Each Galvin Green golf thermal mid layer is made using INSULA™ technology, which provides warm comfort in cold conditions. Available in a variety of warming effects, depending on the conditions in which you play, the golf mid layers are soft, stretchy garments with excellent thermal insulation properties. 

    How do Galvin Green’s mens golf mid layers keep you warm and comfortable? The INSULA™ fabric used in the mens golf mid layers has built-in ‘air chambers’ that are warmed by the body heat and provide extremely effective and long-lasting thermal insulation. Made from polyester, which doesn’t absorb moisture, the golf mid layers are highly breathable and have a quick dry effect which ensures dry comfort during your game. The mens golf mid layers is made from polyester that is recycled from PET bottles, making this golf thermal mid layer range an excellent sustainable choice.

    When to wear a golf thermal mid layer

    A golf thermal mid layer is a practical piece that can be worn in a variety of golf weather conditions. In cold conditions, golf mid layers can be worn over a base layer and shirt, and underneath a windproof or waterproof jacket. In mild conditions, your golf thermal mid layer may be an extra layer between your jacket and shirt. On warm days, it is great to have a golf thermal mid layer in the bag, so that when the temperatures drop, you have an extra layer.

    Galvin Green’s mens golf mid layers come in a variety of styles and colors, including classic shades or bold hues. The different fabrics weights mean there is a golf thermal mid layer for every weather condition. Discover a range of high quality golf mid layers designed to keep you warm and comfortable on the golf course.