Windproof or warming, our range of body warmers will keep you comfortable without restricting your game in any way.



    Men’s golf vest for every occasion

    One of the most versatile pieces of clothing you should own is a golf vest for men. It’s the perfect garment to put on on top of your regular outfit to provide extra warmth, wind protection, or water resistance (or all at once) to your body. A gilet is less bulky than a regular jacket which is both practical when you are swinging at the golf course and also when you want to bring it with you in your bag for when the need arises.

    Men’s golf vests in different materials

    Here at Galvin Green, we offer a selection of high-tech vests for all kinds of weather conditions. Choose an INTERFACE-1™ vest for the ultimate versatile men’s golf vest. The premium material is both 100% windproof and water repellent which means it will be one of the most used pieces in your golf wardrobe ever. Even better is that you can choose from padded (warming effect #3) and unpadded (warming effect #2) vests depending on how much warmth you would like to add to your outfit. The INTERFACE-1™ vests are available in classic colors such as black, white, and navy with designs being updated each season. You can also find INTERFACE-1™ men’s golf windbreaker jackets in our collection if you would like a full jacket in the same great material.

    If you are looking for a golf vest with the primary intention to provide warmth, choose a vest made in INSULA™ material. These vests are soft, stretchy, and highly breathable, which ensures that excess heat and moisture get released when necessary. The built-in air pockets are warmed by body heat and provide very effective and long-lasting thermal insulation. The INSULA™ vests have warming effect #2. This is also the perfect piece of clothing to wear underneath a men’s golf rain jacket for extra warmth on cold and rainy days. All garments in this material are made with 100% recycled plastic making them a very sustainable choice which is great for both you and the environment. You can also find golf sweatshirts for men made in this thermal material.

    Golf vests - Men - for everyday life

    In 2022 we released our Lab 1.0 collection with high-tech apparel designed to be worn outside of the golf course. This exclusive collection features a well-designed down vest in stretchy, windproof, and water repellent material. Of course, this padded men’s golf vest can be worn during a cold round of golf too, just like all the other golf vests can be worn in an urban setting as well.