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    Golf gloves for men and women

    Traditionally, golfers only wear one glove and it’s usually worn on their less dominant hand. This means that if you are right-handed you need to buy a glove for your left hand, and if you are left-handed you need a right-hand glove. The less dominant hand is sometimes called the lead hand. It got the name because it's the hand that is directly holding on to the club and leads the swing. That is a reason why that hand needs to be wearing a golf glove - to be protected from the friction from the club. Another reason is simply to provide you with the best grip possible.

    Here at Galvin Green, we do not sell traditional golf gloves, instead, we are focusing on what we do best, protecting you from the weather elements. So from us, you will always buy a pair of gloves. One of our overall top-selling products is the Lewis gloves.

    The gloves are designed to be worn while playing in cold and windy weather. They are made from a mix of leather for excellent grip and our INTERFACE-1™ fabric which provides the player with warmth and protection from the wind since they are 100% windproof. The material is also water repellent which is why we recommend you to wear them during wet rounds as well. They are available in both men’s and women’s sizes and are meant to be worn snugly as a regular golf glove.

    Winter golf gloves - men’s and women’s

    If you are looking for winter golf gloves, look no further. We have both ladies’ winter golf gloves and men’s winter golf gloves. In fact, our ultra-warm golf gloves are one size fits all. Our golf mittens are designed to be worn on top of your regular gloves in between holes on those really cold rounds. We have two designs of warm golf gloves, and they both are made in INTERFACE-1™ material that is 100% windproof and water repellent and have warming effect #3 to guarantee your comfort.

    The mittens are equipped with velcro tabs on the palms for easy attachment on the golf trolley so you will always have them on hand when you need to stay warm in between shots.

    Galvin Green’s INTERFACE-1™ material is also used when making golf accessories such as hats and neck warmers as well as women’s and men’s golf windbreakers, jackets, vests, and sweaters - it’s our most versatile material.