The best golf base layer tops

    Where can you find the best mens thermal top? The Galvin Green collection of golf base layer tops includes a range of styles that are designed for play and made to keep you comfortable and warm. A good quality mens thermal top is a key starting off point when getting dressed for cold, wet, or windy conditions on the course. Galvin Green’s golf base layer tops are designed for an extra layer of protection when you need it. Don’t let bad clothing get in the way, choose a mens thermal top that will ensure you are comfortable on the course, and you can focus on your game.

    A well-designed mens thermal top is an important part of the golfer’s wardrobe, whether you are a professional, regular player, or new to the course. Golf base layer tops for golf provide that essential layer between your skin and your outerwear when weather conditions are less than favorable. 

    The best mens thermal top

    This mens thermal top collection includes items that are snug fitting and highly breathable, and are the perfect base layer under a waterproof jacket and/or sweater and polo shirt. Featuring a slim silhouette to ensure a close fit to the body, each mens thermal top is designed to be worn in tandem with the rest of the Galvin Green golf apparel collection. 

    What kind of material technology does a Galvin Green mens thermal top have built into its fabric? The SKINTIGHT™ Thermal fabric used in the mens thermal top range is knitted with two different types of polyester yarn to create built-in 'air chambers' warmed by the body heat that provide extremely effective and long-lasting thermal insulation. Both yarns used in the golf base layer tops are made from polyester, as it doesn't absorb any moisture. This ensures that the breathability and quick dry effect in the fabric is at the highest level, making the mens thermal top comfortable and warm.

    When should you wear a mens thermal top? Wear a mens thermal top underneath a shirt or mid layer for added warmth, and top it off with a waterproof or windproof jacket when the conditions require it.

    Good quality golf base layer tops with sun protection

    What can you expect from golf base layer tops? Galvin Green’s golf base layer tops don’t only offer warmth, they also offer sun protection. The golf base layer tops collection offers styles that are made with SKINTIGHT™ fresh materials, which are designed to be worn in hot conditions. Are there golf base layer tops you can wear in hot weather, to protect you from the sun? Offering UV protection of 50+, these golf base layer tops are designed to pull moisture away from the skin, ensuring you stay dry on the hottest of days.

    You can wear your SKINTIGHT™ fresh golf base layer tops underneath a golf shirt, to respect the dress code of your club. These golf base layer tops with UV protection can also come in handy during other outdoor activities that involve standing in the sun for long periods of time.