We believe in a holistic approach to sustainability and our work on this subject is an ongoing process here at Galvin Green.
It’s in our DNA to introduce new, cutting-edge technologies to maximize the golfer’s performance;
while, at the same time, seeking to minimize social and environmental impact.

Whenever possible, we choose sustainable textile production methods, fabrics, and labels. But it is equally important to offer
reliable, long-lasting comfort that creates a relationship with the player.

Garment lifespan is a cornerstone of our product development, and we see how our well-designed products often become
favourites that continue to be worn by golfers time and again.


We are gradually expanding our range made from certified and third-party approved materials to improve the environmental footprint throughout the supply chain. The task is being made easier as more fabric suppliers meet higher environmental standards and help us deliver the best garments possible for today’s golfers and future generations.

- All GORE-TEX products are made from Bluesign® approved materials.
- All INSULA™ products are made from Bluesign® approved materials and feature garments made from recycled plastic bottles.
- All VENTIL-8™ PLUS pants are made from Bluesign® approved materials.
- Our VENTIL8™ PLUS shirts are made with OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 approved fabrics.
- All garment labels are made from bluesign® approved materials.
- All hangers and plastic bags are made from recycled plastic.


Our first bluesign collaboration was with W.L Gore & Associates, with whom we have a long standing relationship incorporating the unrivalled GORE-TEX® laminate across our line of waterproof jackets and trousers. The criteria is very stringent in terms of the amount of water and electricity used in the process of manufacturing fabrics, as well as the addition of chemicals approved in the European Union or authorised worldwide. Bluesign® inspectors conduct comprehensive audits at textile factories to verify compliance.

For the first time in 2021, we have adopted Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification to the VENTIL8™ PLUS shirt collection. The globally recognised label certifies that each component in the shirts – every thread, button, zipper and other accessory – has been independently tested for harmful substances and that the item is completely safe in human ecological terms.

The eco generation INSULA™ is a range of warming, mid layer garments made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Look for recycled polyester in the quality field under the product information tab on the product page.


Well aware that a long-term sustainable business requires more than durable and eco-friendly products, we work purposefully to create the right conditions for a viable business. This means taking financial responsibility, so that we have the right level of profitability and growth to enable us to invest in equipment, employees, customers and suppliers. It also involves taking corporate social responsibility for the people who create value for the company – all the way along the supply chain via our own employees, to distribution and retail partners.

For a long-term sustainable business to thrive commercially, socially and environmentally, we are mutually dependent on well-functioning collaborations where we and our partners push each other constantly to move forward. We do not believe in taking a hard-line, but prefer to establish trusting partnerships, where we make continuous progress together.


Since Galvin Green was founded more than 30 years ago, good relationships have been in focus. The owner realized early on that a well-functioning and profitable business is based on cooperation, trust, and transparency. So, since the beginning, Galvin Green has put a lot of effort into making employees, customers, and suppliers feel included and motivated. It has also ensured that partners have reasonable terms for cooperation, so they also can develop their businesses and be in step with Galvin Green.

No one benefits from partners feeling disadvantaged or being unable to cope. The philosophy is that everyone who creates value also will benefit from the value created. With this approach, relationships will flourish and last.


In November 2021, we became a strategic partner of the GEO Foundation for Sustainable Golf as a further step to influence and speed up the progress of sustainability in and through golf. The values and ambitions of GEO Foundation and the Sustainable Golf agenda are music to our ears and so we are very happy to work alongside the organisation as an Innovation Partner.

Galvin Green is designed by golfers for golfers
The Galvin Green passion has always been to inspire golfers to play more golf. GalvinGreen wants the golfer to feel at ease and perform at their best at all times. Every garment and layer in the Galvin Green golf collection has been developed to be compatible with each other – providing exceptional comfort, freedom of movement and protection from the elements. By offering a full range of apparel, GalvinGreen is the number one destination for designer golf apparel. Galvin Green takes a deliberate approach to the design of the clothing. Each detail in the Galvin Green golf collection exists because the game demands it. There is never any compromise on the quality of materials, the fit or the functional design - your comfort, ease and performance are the priorities.

Galvin Green is golf
GalvinGreen has been developing high-performance golfwear for more than 30 years. The functional clothing is designed to provide optimal comfort that will help golfers perform at the peak of their ability in any weather. Discover the Galvin Green golf collection and enjoy a range of performance-enhancing clothing that will improve your game. The GalvinGreen mission is to give the player that extra edge to excel in any weather. Whatever challenge you're facing, you can rest assured that Galvin Green has gone the extra mile to give you the ultimate GameDay experience.

High performance Galvin Green golf apparel
At Galvin Green, developing high-performance golf wear is all about translating the best technologies available into a pure performance-driven design. Featuring state-of-the-art stretch technologies, GalvinGreen is introducing the next generation of shell layer comfort. By offering a full range of clothing, including base layers, jumpers, jackets, pants, shorts, and accessories, Galvin Green is a one-stop shop for your sporting apparel needs. The Galvin Green golf collection allows you to mix and match separates to create an outfit that suits the weather conditions on any given day. GalvinGreen clothing will allow you to experience freedom of movement on a completely new level. Developing high-performance golf wear is all about translating the best technologies available into a pure performance-driven design. By applying state-of-the-art stretch technologies to the shell layer range, the Galvin Green golf jacket collection offers weatherproof, breathable items that are designed with stretch so they don’t hinder your game. Combined with Galvin Green jumpers, base layers, and performance-designed pants, the apparel collection allows you to play golf in style, without sacrificing function or form.

The Green in Galvin Green
Galvin Green believes in a holistic approach to sustainability and our work on these issues is an ongoing process. Galvin Green’s goal is to introduce new, cutting-edge technologies to maximize the golfer’s performance, while at the same time, seeking to minimise social and environmental impact. Whenever possible, GalvinGreen chooses sustainable textile production methods, fabrics and labels. To Galvin Green, sustainability is also defined by long-lasting comfort. Durable, well-designed quality garments that create a relationship with the player, that will last the test of time. The Galvin Green golf collection is a range of designer apparel that is engineered to maximize your performance – whatever the conditions.