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      Why you need golf gloves

      Galvin Green is a Swedish golf apparel and accessory brand that is proud to offer some of the best gloves for golf. Alongside a wide array of waterproof clothing, thermal layers, and base layers, Galvin Green offers golfing gloves designed specifically for golf.

      Why do you need golf gloves? A good pair of golf gloves is an excellent accessory to have in your kit, especially on cold days. The best golf gloves are specifically designed for the sport and will include features such as thermal properties, grip, and windproof fabrics which will allow you to play to the best of your abilities. Galvin Green golfing gloves are designed by golfers for golfers, and all the golf gloves are tested on the golf course to ensure practicality, function, and comfort.

      What are the best gloves for golf?

      Are you looking for the best golf gloves to wear in between holes on cold or cool days? The Galvin Green golfing gloves are perfect for golf in cold and windy conditions when you need to keep your hands warm in between shots. These golf gloves also have functional features, such as velcro straps for easy attachment onto the golf trolley.

      Galvin Green’s collection of golfing gloves include two classic styles, both which are designed for cold and/or windy weather collections. The best gloves for golf will protect the player from the wind and have excellent breathability properties. In addition, the Galvin Green golf gloves have light thermal comfort to keep your hands warm during cold weather, and a water repellent treatment to keep you dry in light rain. Known for its waterproof and windproof golf apparel, Galvin Green has used its technical knowledge and innovation and applied it to its accessory collection to make one of the sports’ best golf gloves.

      Do the best gloves for golf make a difference?

      Well designed golfing gloves will keep you comfortable and warm while you are playing golf in cool conditions. Galvin Green’s golf gloves feature INTERFACE-1™ technology. This soft, stretchy material offered in the golfing range is completely windproof. The INTERFACE-1™ technology fabrics used in the golf gloves have high breathability as well as totally windproof and water repellent properties. The warming effect #1 found in all the golf gloves offers our lightest technology INTERFACE-1™ garments.

      In order to play well, golfers need to be dressed properly, and that includes choosing the best golf gloves. Ensuring protection from the elements with well designed waterproof clothing, thermal layers, and the best gloves for golf will leave you to focus on the sport.

      Are you looking for the best golf gloves? Explore the range of golfing gloves at Galvin Green, a brand dedicated to the sport of golf.