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      Why you need belts for golf

      Dressing for golf involves the right outerwear, base layers, and accessories (such as belts for golf) in order to ensure the player is comfortable on the course. Are you looking for a golf belt to wear with your favourite golf pants? Maybe you’ve been looking at belts for golf online and haven’t found the right one yet? 

      Galvin Green is dedicated to offering a comprehensive selection of golf apparel and a full range of accessories which includes hats, caps, gloves, and belts for golf. Designed to be worn with the apparel range, Galvin Green’s accessories and belts for golf are stylish, elevated, and made for the sport of golf. You’ll find everything you need, from the right golf hat or the perfect golf belt.

      The best belts for golf

      When shopping for a golf belt, you’ll want to find something that is functional and comfortable, which requires the ability to adjust the length. Galvin Green offers elasticated belts for golf with a cutout logo metal buckle and which are easy to adjust to your own size. The accessory range includes belts for golf that are designed with stretch fabric to ensure full freedom of movement. Galvin Green’s commitment to the sport is apparent in every jacket, mid layer, pant, or golf belt - each piece is designed with the sport in mind.

      If you are looking for something more dressed up, Galvin Green offers a golf belt  with leather straps. This golf belt features a track fit system which includes a micro-adjustable length. Many of the belts for golf have a metal buckle with a carbon design inlay. Looking for a gift for a golf lover in your life? An adjustable golf belt will make a great present, and with an adjustable width, it is easy to choose the right one.

      Why you need a golf belt

      Designed by golfers for golfers, Galvin Green’s passion is to provide the right clothing, accessories, and belts for golf to ensure golfers are comfortable, well-dressed, and able to play as much golf as possible. In order to feel at ease and perform at their best at all times golfers need high-tech clothing, accessories, and belts for golf that are well-designed. All of Galvin Green’s clothing, accessories, and belts for golf have been developed to be compatible – providing exceptional comfort, freedom of movement and protection from the elements. 

      Choosing an outfit for golf is about more than just a collared polo t-shirt, an outfit should include the right trousers, thermals, outerwear, and golf belt in order to ensure you succeed at your game, no matter the conditions. Choose a golf belt from a brand that is dedicated to the sport of golf and understands the game. Galvin Green’s golf belt collection includes a range of pieces for men and women that are designed to be worn on the golf course and beyond.