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10 Stretches to Improve your Golf Swing

The golf swing is a very complex, dynamic set of movements that engages many different muscle groups and joints in the body from head to toe. To be able to move through the required range of motions, those muscles, joints, and tendons must be in good shape. If they aren’t, it will show in your swing.

Make an impact on the golf course, not on the environment

Galvin Green is proud to play its part in contributing to the Sustainable Golf Week initiative designed to create a greener future for golf and led by the GEO Foundation over the next six days.

The Golf Handicap System: A Beginners Overview

Golf’s handicap system has been around in one form or another for several hundred years.  We know this because golf historians have uncovered written references to a rudimentary system of handicapping that golfers had used as early as...