Wind, cold, and light rain are the most common conditions you’ll face on the golf course. Galvin Green's windproof and water repellent INTERFACE-1™ material was designed for such days.



    A premium women’s golf windbreaker

    Galvin Green’s INTERFACE-1™ range is a collection of premium, high-tech golf clothing designed to protect you from the elements on the golf course. Windproof and water repellent, these jackets offer thermal insulation and provide protection in short bouts of light rain, while being stretchy and breathable.

    Designed for the golf course, the INTERFACE-1™ jacket collection is cut to ensure full freedom of movement while you play. Details such as shaped sleeves, repositioned side seams, two-way zippers, and stretch fabric allow a full range of motion so that you are not hindered during your swing.

    The women’s golf windbreaker collection offers jackets in classic and seasonal colors and a range of styles, including padded versions and jackets with bright color blocking or contrasting panels.

    Choosing a golf windbreaker - women’s

    When buying a women’s golf windbreaker, you will want to consider color, cut, and the conditions in which you play. Galvin Green’s women’s golf jacket collection is rated according to warming effect, and the windbreakers are available with warming effect #2 or warming effect 3#.

    Warming effect #3 provides exceptional thermal insulation, often insulated with lightweight, Thermore® padding. Warming effect #2 has a slightly lower, but still highly effective level of thermal insulation. All of the jackets are completely windproof and breathable, allowing for comfort and warmth on the golf course.

    Layer garments to create the right level of comfort

    Galvin Green’s outerwear range is designed to be worn as part of a sophisticated layering system called comfort combinations. In order to find your comfort balance, we recommend you choose a jacket in combination with a base layer or ladies golf polo, and mid layer, if needed. The layers are all designed to work together in order to provide protection on the golf course, while allowing breathability and freedom of movement.

    A Galvin Green women’s golf windbreaker can be worn as outerwear, or as an inner jacket underneath a waterproof outer layer. Depending on the conditions, your INTERFACE-1™ jacket can be layered over several items (for example, a base layer, a long sleeved shirt, and a thermal mid layer) for protection on very cold days. On a warmer day, your jacket can be worn directly over a shirt, to offer wind protection and light thermal insulation.

    The beauty of these jackets is their versatility, offering high-performance protection in a wide range of conditions and temperatures. Plus, your Galvin Green jacket will bring comfort and style off the golf course. Your windproof jacket can act as an extra layer when commuting and is ideal to wear on the way to the gym, out walking, or during other outdoor activities.

    Wind, cold, and light rain are the most common conditions you’ll face on the golf course, which is why we designed the INTERFACE-1™ material to be worn on those days. Discover a range of high-tech, stylish golf apparel designed to offer comfort and protection on the golf course. Comfortable, long-lasting, and designed to ensure full freedom of movement, this collection has been designed by golfers, for golfers.