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    Galvin Green - Golf Rain Gear - Men’s

    For over 30 years, Galvin Green has made weather-resistant golf apparel to ensure that the golf player will stay dry, even during the most challenging conditions. Over the years, our men’s golf rain gear has won multiple awards for being the best waterproof apparel on the market. If you don't own a Galvin Green rain jacket, or a pair of rain pants yet, now is the time.

    Find new and updated styles in trendy colors and designs, as well as classic designs that last year after year. A large range of sizes and lengths are available so you can find the perfect fit for you. Galvin Green’s GORE-TEX waterproof rain golf gear is ‘Guaranteed to keep you dry™’ in any weather, without restricting freedom of movement in the swing. The collection of golf rain gear features maximum breathability that enables the release of excess heat and moisture, keeping you comfortable during all levels of activity.

    GORE-TEX - Golf rain suit - men’s

    Galvin Green’s golf rain gear is made from different types of GORE-TEX fabrics, each with different qualities, but all with the waterproof properties that this material is best known for. This is a range of GORE-TEX rain gear golf players love and keep coming back to.

    The GORE-TEX membrane used in the waterproof collection contains over 1,4 billion microscopic pores per square centimeter. These pores are 20,000 times smaller than a water droplet, but 700 times larger than a water vapor molecule. This means that rain gear made with GORE-TEX membrane is completely waterproof from the outside while allowing moisture to escape from the inside. All GORE-TEX men’s golf rain suits are fully seam-sealed. The seams are covered with a GORE-TEX tape on the inside of the membrane to make sure that the golf rain gear is 100% waterproof.

    All different GORE-TEX fabrics used in the range are durably waterproof. Rigorous product testing ensures that the fabric is extremely long-lasting, and therefore an excellent sustainable choice. All our waterproof garments are also made with bluesign® approved fabric.

    Golf rain suits for men

    To stay completely dry while playing golf in rainy weather you will need a 100% waterproof jacket, pants, and hat. Here at Galvin Green, we have a full range of golf men’s rain jackets in different designs and colors to fit you and your style no matter what it is. Trendy, bold, and bright colors or classic navy and black, you decide what you will feel most comfortable playing golf in. All styles feature smart and high-tech details developed over years.

    Choose from three different styles of golf men’s rain pants to find your perfect waterproof bottom apparel. Elastic waistband, drawstring, adjustable leg width, pockets, lightweight lining, and zipper fly are just some of the features you will find in the selection of rain pants.

    To top your waterproof outfit, you need a waterproof hat and here at Galvin Green, we have many golf rain hats to choose from. Caps, bucket hats, wide brimmed hats, and insulated caps with ear flaps are all part of the waterproof accessories category that you should go and check out to complete your men’s golf rain suit outfit.