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    Golf pants made for the game of golf

    Galvin Green offers a wide variety of golf pants for men, women, and kids in multiple designs, materials, and sizes. There are a few things that they all have in common. One, they are made in premium high-tech materials. Two, they are designed to be worn while playing golf. Three, they are all made with long-lasting sustainable materials that have been produced with the producers, end consumers, and the planet in mind.

    Golfing pants for sunny and warm weather

    When buying a new pair of golf pants, the first thing you need to consider is “When am I going to wear them?”. Do you need a pair for rainy, windy, or sunny days and what temperatures do you usually play in? No matter what your answer is, we have got you covered. We make golf apparel for every occasion.

    For sunny and warm days, we suggest you wear a pair of cool golf pants made in our VENTIL8™ PLUS material. Available in multiple cuts and colors, for both men and women, you will be sure to find the perfect fit for you. The pants in this material are breathable, lightweight, moisture-wicking, quick-dry, and might be the most comfortable golf pants on the market. These dress golf pants are also available as shorts.

    Waterproof and windproof pants made for golf

    When windy, we recommend that you wear a pair of windproof pants for golf. As one of the newest additions to our men’s golf pants collection and women’s golf pants collection the windproof and water-repellent pants are quickly becoming a favorite among users. Made in the INTERFACE™ material they are not only windproof and water-repellent but are also extremely breathable and provide you with plenty of warmth on chilly days.

    During the rainy rounds of golf, you need a pair of pants that are 100% waterproof. As our bestselling category, we are confident to say that waterproof golf pants are one of the things we do best. Besides fully resisting rain, they are also completely windproof while at the same time being breathable and lightweight as well. Choose from different material technologies, colors, features, sizes, and lengths, and be confident that no matter what you choose, you will stay dry on the golf course.

    Pants in different sizes and lengths

    Galvin Green’s pants are available in an extensive range of sizes. In the men’s collection, you will find regular pants from size 28 to 40 in the waist and from 30 to 36 in length. Rain pants are available in sizes S to 4XL, and you can choose between three lengths - extra short, short, standard, and long (some styles excluded). For women, regular pants range from size 34 to 46, and rain pants are available in size XS to XXL, with three different lengths options – short, standard, and long. To us, it’s important that we offer petit golf pants as well as big and tall golf pants for both men and women.

    Lightweight and colorful golf pants

    Here at Galvin Green, you can be sure to find your favorite pair of golf trousers in an array of colors. Red golf pants, blue, navy, black, white, and grey golf pants are all common color themes in our pants collections. Be sure to match your pants with a shirt, mid-layer, or jacket in the same color palette for a cohesive look that will keep you stylish on the golf course for many seasons to come.