Explore our plus-size men's golf clothing, available in 3XL to 5XL and waist sizes 40 and 42. Discover high-tech premium apparel designed to elevate your game in any weather. Use product page filters to refine your search by size.

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    Galvin Green's big and tall golf clothing

    Here at Galvin Green, you will find our most loved products in a large range of sizes. For us, it’s important to be able to offer our performance garments in extended sizes so they are available to as many as possible.

    In this plus-size collection, you will find 100% waterproof jackets and pants, wind jackets and pants, mid layers made in insulating materials, as well as breathable and lightweight shirts, pants, and shorts, in other words, the exact same product categories as in the regular collection.

    Big and tall golf apparel in classic colors

    In this collection, we have put our main focus on solid classic colors that never will go out of style. It’s our bestsellers that are loved by many, both for their comfort, looks, and high-tech features. You can be sure to find some of our top products in sizes ranging all the way from small up to 5XL in navy, black, grey, and white. And sometimes there are bright colors like blue, red, and pink available in larger sizes as well.

    We have made sure to make our top-selling men’s golf pants available as big and tall golf pants with waist measurements up to size 40 (inches) and leg lengths up to size 36 (inches). Our bestselling men’s big and tall golf shorts are available up to size 42 (inches). Choose from 100% waterproof golf pants and breathable and lightweight moisture-wicking pants and shorts.

    Golf apparel – big and tall golf jackets and tops

    Find some of our most loved men’s golf rain jackets in this collection. You will find both classic styles that have been on the bestselling list for years, but also new up comers that we are sure are going to be crowd-pleasers. Some of the 100% waterproof jacket models are available up to size 5XL.

    When it comes to warming mid layers, we are happy to be able to offer our bestselling styles Drake and Dixon up to 4XL. They have both been around for years and they are here to stay. They are made in the sustainable material INSULA™ which is extremely breathable, soft, stretchy, and quick to dry.

    Our classic golf shirts for men are also available as big and tall golf polos in selected colors. These tall golf shirts are a great foundation for any golf outfit and should be a staple in every golfer's closet. Made in our lightweight VENTIL8™ PLUS material, these shirts are stretchy, quick dry, and very breathable. They also offer UV protection 20+, making them perfect to wear during the summer months.