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    Golf leggings women can wear all day

    Galvin Green womens golf leggings feature lightweight, comfortable stretch materials with a high level of breathability, so that each round of golf is comfortable, no matter what the weather conditions. All the Galvin Green womens golf leggings are easy to wash and maintain.

    Looking for well-designed, comfortable, stylish, golf leggings women can wear on the golf course, without hindering their game? Galvin Green’s specialty is golf clothing, and the collection includes golf leggings women can wear in comfort and style. Designed to be worn as a thermal base layer, the womens golf leggings work well under golf trousers or waterproof pants, offering an extra layer of thermal protection in cold conditions.

    The best womens golf leggings

    Galvin Green’s high performance womens golf leggings feature SKINTIGHT™ thermal technology for warm comfort next to the skin in cold conditions. These womens golf leggings are made from soft and stretchy materials with excellent thermal insulation properties, and are soft against the skin. Choose golf leggings women can play in comfortably, knowing they will stay warm.

    Galvin Green’s womenswear range features womens golf leggings made from 95% polyester and 5% elastane. These womens golf leggings have thermal insulation technology for optimum warmth. The maximum breathability in the womens golf leggings enables the release of excess heat and moisture, making these the best golf leggings women can trust to keep them warm and dry. All of the womens golf leggings are specifically designed for golfing in cold weather.

    When to wear womens golf leggings

    Womens golf leggings should be worn on the golf course as a base layer when the conditions are cold. But don’t limit your womens golf leggings to the golf course. Discover golf leggings women can wear during winter sports, hiking, or any outdoor activities performed in the cold. Galvin Green’s womens golf leggings are versatile and are an excellent addition to any outdoor enthusiast’s wardrobe. 

    Galvin Green’s layering system, called Comfort Combinations, suggest wearing womens golf leggings on cold or windy days, usually underneath waterproof or windproof pants to ensure the elements are kept away. Using the Comfort Combinations as a guide, you can work out the best way to layer your womens golf leggings to ensure comfort throughout your day, no matter what the weather conditions. This sophisticated layering system allows you to choose the right womens golf leggings for the day ahead.

    Galvin Green understands the importance of comfort on the course, and that starts with good quality womens golf leggings. Designed by golfers for golfers, Galvin Green’s passion has always been to inspire golfers to play more golf. Every garment and womens golf leggings have been developed to be compatible – providing exceptional comfort, freedom of movement and protection from the elements. Choose golf leggings women can wear in confidence, with details to maximize performance. Discover a range of durable, high tech, performance womens golf leggings that are designed for the golf course and other outdoor activities.