Our INTERFACE-1™ range feature soft, stretchy lightweight material technologies with maximum breathability properties combined with a perfect fit.


    The Galvin Green junior golf windbreaker collection

    Galvin Green is a Swedish golf apparel brand dedicated to providing high-tech, performance clothing for all serious players and lovers of golf. Looking for a junior golf windbreaker? Galvin Green has a junior golf windbreaker range that includes the same high-performance material technologies and design features as the Men’s and Women’s Collection. The only difference is that each junior golf windbreaker is ergonomically designed and sized for young golfers. 

    A Galvin Green INTERFACE-1™ junior golf windbreaker is the only jacket you will need in cold, windy weather, or in light rain. The junior golf windbreaker range is versatile and comfortable, and can be combined with other pieces in the collection, such as the pants, mid layers, and shirts. During 95 out of a 100 rounds, golfers need the versatile comfort of a junior golf windbreaker, which makes a Galvin Green junior golf windbreaker an important and useful item of clothing.

    The junior golf windbreaker range features soft, stretchy lightweight material technologies with maximum breathability properties. Combined with a perfect fit, a Galvin Green junior golf windbreaker is a young player’s ideal companion in most conditions. 

    The best junior golf windbreaker range

    Who makes the best junior golf windbreaker? The Galvin Green junior golf windbreaker range includes full-zip jackets and windproof bodywarmer vests made from the INTERFACE-1™ fabric which is totally windproof, water repellent and highly breathable. Ideal for golf, an INTERFACE-1™ junior golf windbreaker has you covered in most typical golf weather conditions.

    The items in the junior golf windbreaker are windproof and have a water repellent finish. Extremely breathable, and with details such as elastic cuffs, front pockets, and elastic drawstring at the hem, the junior golf windbreaker collection is designed to improve the performance and comfort of junior golf players. There’s no doubt that this junior golf windbreaker is one of the best in class, with features and a fit designed to give the young golfer the protection they need while out on the golf course.

    A premium junior golf windbreaker

    Are you looking for a versatile junior golf windbreaker that can be worn on and off the course? Do you want a junior golf windbreaker that guarantees full protection from the wind and cold, while also being comfortable, easy to wear, and water repellent? Discover the only junior golf windbreaker you’ll ever need.

    Galvin Green believes in the future of golf, and that includes a well-designed kids junior golf windbreaker collection. To give younger players the best opportunities to practice and develop their game, Galvin Green has developed a complete junior golf windbreaker range – providing exceptional comfort, freedom of movement and protection from the elements. Useful on the golf course, but also for other outdoor and daytime activities, a Galvin Green junior golf windbreaker is an essential item in a young golfer’s wardrobe.

    Galvin Green is a Swedish golf apparel brand selling a high-quality golf accessory range which includes soft accessories, umbrellas, hats for golf, gloves, and belts. Designed by golfers for golfers, the Galvin Green golfers hats are tested on the golf course to ensure they support the player during their game. With a range of soft golfing hats designed for thermal protection, and waterproof hats for golf made to keep out the wind and rain, Galvin Green’s golfers hats range has styles for all weather conditions.

    What are the best golfing hats?

    The best hats for golf are those that have functional properties to ensure comfort and ease during the game. Look for golfers hats that are totally windproof and designed with excellent breathability properties. Knit fabrics such as jerseys can add a great deal of comfort to a golfers hat, and this is a feature of many of the Galvin Green golfing hats.

    All golfers will want their golf hats to be comfortable, which is why the collection includes several hats for golf made from GORE-TEX™, a highly breathable material. The company uses new, cutting-edge technologies in the golfers hats to maximize the golfer’s performance, while at the same time, seeking to minimize social and environmental impact. Whenever possible, Galvin Green chooses sustainable textile production methods, fabrics and labels for the entire collection, including the golfing hats.

    Galvin Green offers a range of hats for golf INSULA™ hats. This soft, stretchy material is great in golfers hats because it provides thermal comfort on cold days. The INSULA™ golfing hats have matching neck warmers, and are designed in prints and colors that can be found throughout the apparel collection. 

    The hats for golf collection are also useful off the golf course. The thermal golfers hats can be worn on the ski slopes, while the waterproof golfing hats are great for commuting, walking, or other outdoor activities. Practical, versatile, and easy to wear, Galvin Green’s hats for golf are ideal pieces to have at home, on the golf course, or in your bag.

    High-tech golfers hats

    Are you looking for golfing hats that keep you warm in cold temperatures? Do you need hats for golf that are soft, stretchy, and easy to care for? Galvin Green has been developing high-performance golfers hats and apparel for more than 30 years. Discover a collection of functional clothing and golfing hats designed to provide optimal comfort that will help golfers perform at the peak of their ability in any weather.