Galvin Green’s golf accessories include hats, caps, gloves, neck warmers, umbrellas, bags, and more, golf accessories that are waterproof, windproof, breathable, soft, and quick dry.

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    High-tech golf accessories for women

    Choosing the right accessories can be tricky, especially since there is an abundance on the market. And there is no exception here at Galvin Green. We offer a wide range of accessories to make you more comfortable and successful on the golf course. However, to make it easier to pick the right accessories for you, we are here to help.

    To make it easier, we have divided our accessories into different categories: hats, gloves, neck warmers, waterproofs, bags, belts, and umbrellas. Let us look at one category at a time to figure out what’s right for you and your needs.

    Women’s golf accessories – hats

    When it comes to golf hats, Galvin Green offers a few different options. Warming and insulating hats and beanies are made in either INSULA™ or INTERFACE-1™. They are lightweight, breathable, stretchy, and have warming effect #2. These hats provide you with comfort on those cold and windy days on the golf course.

    Hats for sun protection are available both as hats and as visors. These are made in our VENTIL8™ PLUS material which is extremely breathable and quick dry and has UV protection 20+, making them perfect on sunny and warm days.

    The largest group of hats is the waterproof hats that we will cover in a section further down.

    Ladies' golf accessories – gloves

    To protect your hands from the cold you need a pair of golf gloves. In our selection, we have two different kinds of gloves. The first one is a snug-fitting playing glove made in INTERFACE-1™ and leather that is windproof, water-repellent, breathable, and provides warming effect #1. The other type of glove is a padded mitten that is meant to be worn in between shots. It’s made of the same INTERFACE-1™ material and has the same features as the playing glove. On top of that, they are extremely warm and provide warming effect #3. They also have a Velcro tab for easy attachment onto the golf trolley.

    Neck warmers for golfers

    A neck warmer or a snood is used for the same purpose as a scarf – to keep your neck warm and not exposed to the chilling wind. However, it’s a lot more condensed and easier to wear than a scarf. These neck warmers are usually designed to match the warming hats so you can stay stylish while staying warm and comfortable.

    Waterproof golf accessories for women

    One of our biggest categories when it comes to golf accessories for ladies is the waterproof section. We offer hats in different models that are made from the same award-winning material as the rest of our waterproof collection – GORE-TEX. Choose from bucket hats, wide-brimmed hats, and caps, all with the same great properties. These golf rain hats will keep you dry during the wettest conditions and allow you to focus on your game even when it pours.

    Golf accessories – belts, bags, and umbrellas

    Galvin Green offers two kinds of golf belts – leather belts and elasticated belts. The elastic belts are available either as a trendy braided version or as easily adjustable fabric belts with a one size fits all solution. Offered in different colors you can be sure to find the exact right one for you. The leather belt has a track fit system, allowing the length to easily be adjustable without the restrictions of placed belt holes.

    Chooses between practical weekend bags, vegan leather backpacks with a laptop compartment, and small and convenient sling bags. We know how to stay organized to and from events, not only on the golf course.

    A large golf umbrella is one of the most essential golf accessories for women. Our stormproof umbrellas are designed to be waterproof and durable during the toughest weather conditions. The umbrella doubles up as sun protection as well since it offers UV protection 50+. This is the ideal piece of equipment when you want to be able to play golf, no matter the weather.

    With Galvin Green's large selection of waterproof accessories, you can be sure to find exactly what you are looking for.