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    Long sleeve polo shirts - men

    A thin comfortable long-sleeved shirt is a must on the golf course this summer. Lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking, stretchy, and quick to dry - these shirts are perfect for warm-weather golf.

    Long sleeve polos might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about a polo shirt, but this is actually something we highly recommend that you add to your golf wardrobe. With the same properties as our short sleeve golf polos for men, you can be sure to stay comfortable during the whole round.

    Golf shirts with long sleeves

    Galvin Greens long-sleeved polo shirts are made in a high-tech VENTIL8™ PLUS material. This premium and high-tech material is made to perform well in hot weather conditions. It’s extremely breathable and moisture-wicking and dries very quickly which makes it very comfortable to wear during hot and sweaty days. The material also has UV protection 20+ which is another reason why it’s so great to wear during the summer. That’s also why it’s so smart to wear long sleeve polo shirts for men during the summer months – you are maximizing your sun protection.

    How to match long sleeve polo shirts for men

    Our men’s long sleeve polo shirts come in three classic colors – black, white, and navy. With these three basic colors, it’s easy to match with your favorite pants or shorts. If you are looking to buy new men’s golf pants or shorts our range is made in the same great material as the shirts with the same performance-driven features. You will find a large variety of colors and sizes to make sure you will find something that fits you perfectly.

    On chillier days, add an outer layer on top of the men’s long sleeve golf shirts. Vests, windbreakers, rain jackets, and insulating mid-layers are all good choices for a protective outer layer. Let the weather decide what you are wearing, not whether you are going to play golf or not.

    Add a hat or a cap, depending on the temperature, to finish your outfit. Our caps and visors are also made with a VENTIL8™ PLUS fabric and therefore have the same great features. With Galvin Green, you can make sure to stay comfortable and protected.