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    Multipurpose large golf umbrella

    As any serious golf player, you need a golf umbrella, and an umbrella that has more than one purpose is the ideal piece of equipment. Our golf umbrellas are stormproof, windproof, and waterproof, and have a UV protection of 50+, making them perfect for both rainy and sunny days on the golf course.

    Galvin Green’s golf umbrellas are built with an extra strong frame and are designed to protect you in harsh weather conditions. The umbrellas have a double-layer top that allows pressure to be released and air to pass through which gives the umbrella more stability on windy days on the golf course. The handle is ergonomically designed so you don't have to worry about strength and support during stormy days.

    Both of our umbrella styles fit in most golf bags and golf cart umbrella holders. We consider the umbrellas lightweight at 750 grams and are therefore easy enough to carry around in your shoulder bag as well. They are made in 100% nylon to be extremely durable in all weather conditions.

    Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs - Umbrella - Golf

    How wide is a golf umbrella?

    Our umbrellas are 60’’ in diameter, making them large enough to keep up to two adults as well as your bag and clubs dry. If you are wondering how big a golf umbrella is, here is your answer - 60’’.

    What’s the difference between a golf umbrella vs regular umbrella?

    You might wonder what a golf umbrella is. The main difference between a regular umbrella and a golf umbrella is the size. A golf umbrella is twice as large as a regular umbrella. Our golf umbrellas are also stormproof which means that they can handle a bit of wind, they are also windproof meaning that they will provide you with shelter from the wind as well. We can also guarantee sun protection with our umbrellas as they have UV protection 50+. These features are not something commonly provided by regular umbrellas and they will make them extremely valuable on the golf course.

    Does a golf umbrella provide sun protection?

    Sunny days are most golfers' favorite kind of day, but they might require some extra protection during the warmest days of the year. Galvin Green’s umbrellas are the perfect sun umbrella for golf as it provides UV protection 50+ which is well-needed during the peak sun hours. Stay safe and comfortable in the shade of a large sunproof and windproof golf umbrella.

    What else do I need when playing golf in the rain?

    To be completely protected in the rain, make sure you equip yourself with one of our golf rain hats, a rain jacket, and a pair of rain pants.