Galvin Green - Golf belt - men and women

    Some accessories are more necessary than others, like a practical, functional golf belt. Here at Galvin Green, we have both golf belts for men and golf belts for women in many different materials and designs. Choose from colorful elasticated belts to classic and dressed-up golf leather belts.

    When shopping for a golf belt, you’ll want to find something that is functional and comfortable, which requires the ability to adjust the length. Galvin Green offers golf stretch belts with a cutout logo metal buckle, which are easy to adjust to your own size. Simply use a pair of scissors to adjust the length to your liking.

    For a cool golf belt design Galvin Green offers a braided elasticated golf belt. It’s available in both solid colors and a striped three color design. The belts are extremely stretchy and are made of nylon with leather details which makes this belt very durable.

    Premium golf belt - leather

    If you are looking for something more dressed up, we offer a men’s leather golf belt as well. This golf belt features a track fit system which includes a micro-adjustable length so you can adjust it to fit you perfectly. Many of the belts have a metal golf belt buckle with a carbon design inlay.

    How to match a leather golf belt

    All our belts are easily combined with the entire range of golf pants and shorts, both for men and women. The accessories are always designed with our premium garments in mind and Galvin Green’s collections are meant to be mixed and matched to fit the player's unique style and preference. Find the perfect pair of men’s golf pants and women’s golf pants in our webshop.

    Remember to check out our full collections of golf accessories as well. There is always something you need to be more comfortable on the golf course this season.