Our polo shirts are designed to keep the body dry and cool at all times with UV protection 20+.



    Galvin Green’s kid’s golf shirts collection

    Explore the selection of polo shirts for the youngest golfers in Galvin Green’s youth collection. Shop the same great quality and performance as found in the men’s and women’s collections, but ergonomically designed for our kids.

    These girls' and boys' golf shirts are made in a high-quality VENTIL8™PLUS material that is lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking, and quick to dry. They are soft and comfortable and very easy to wash and maintain. The shirts have built-in UV protection 20+ to protect the youngest from the harsh sun, making these shirts excellent to wear during sunny rounds of golf.

    Youth golf shirts with fun colors and designs

    In the shirt collection for kids, you will find a variety of colors and prints that are perfect for both girls and boys. Expect classic colors, like white and navy, as well as bright and bold colors such as red and blue. Find creative and inspiring prints for all ages that sometimes are available in the adult collection as well. Why not match your kids on the golf course this summer?

    The kid golf shirts are available in 5 sizes – 134/140, 146/152, 158/164, and 170.

    How to match girl’s and boy’s golf shirts

    Pair the lightweight golf shirt with a pair of breathable kid's golf pants or shorts. Just like the shirts, they are stretchy and extremely comfortable to wear. Add an insulating mid layer on top of the shirt on a chilly day and top it off with a wind jacket for a windproof outer layer. During rainy days, make sure to dress your child in a fully waterproof outfit. Find waterproof girls and boys' golf jackets and pants with the same great quality as our adult version in our webshop as well.

    No matter the weather, it’s always a great idea to wear a breathable and quick-dry youth golf shirt closest to the body. Explore the youth golf apparel today.