The Stylish Woman's Guide to Cute Golf Outfits for Every Season

The joys of golf are many, but there’s no doubt that one of the great parts of this beautiful game are the cute golf clothes. How many sports’ uniforms allow you to move seamlessly from grounds to lunch in the clubhouse?

Whether you’re a seasoned player or out on the green for the first time, you’ll want to make sure you are dressed for the game and feel confident in your golf clothes. That means weather-appropriate women's golf clothing that complies with the dress code, and that looks nice. Here’s our guide for cute women’s golf outfit ideas, organised by weather and conditions.

Hot and sunny on the green

Women's golf clothing with UV protection

Sunny days on the golf course call for stylish, cute golf outfits, and it’s time to bring out your skirts and shirts. Whether you prefer playful patterns, feminine prints, matching sets, or classic hues — you’ll want to ensure that your outfit is up to spec. That means meeting club dress code requirements and a design that you can comfortably play golf in.

Galvin Green’s VENTIL8™ PLUS golf tops feature lightweight, breathable, soft, stretchy shirts and skirts that offer UV 20+ protection for hot days. Short sleeve or sleeveless shirts have polo collars, a dress code must-have at the country club, and the women's golf skirts’ inner shorts add both comfort and cover.

Golf outfits that are easy to pack

If you are lucky enough to be taking a golf trip soon, you’ll appreciate the wrinkle-resistant materials that make these cute golf clothes easy to pack. And if the sun is shining bright, we recommend packing a UV top with 50+ protection during midday golf. The Ella top is designed to be worn underneath your polo shirt and gives you extra cover on really hot days.

Accessorising is half the fun, so we recommend completing your look with a visor or cap, preferably in a colour that matches your outfit or your golf shoes. With your hair back and the sun out of your face, you’ll be ready to perform on the golf course and enjoy lunch in style.

Cute women’s golf clothing for cold and windy days

A well-curated women's golf wardrobe is not going to be all skirts and shirts, because the weather is anything but predictable. On warm days, it may suffice to carry a light zip up or vest in case the temperatures cool. On cool or colder days, layering a mid layer and windbreaker over your shirt will ensure you’re warm and insulated from the elements.

We aren’t suggesting you go all out with a statement coat, but a chic golf jacket will not only guarantee comfort, it will also look good on the golf course. Lightweight, breathable materials with thermal insulation are a must, and proper golf clothing will always be designed to ensure freedom of movement. You don’t want a tight armhole restricting your swing.

High-tech women's golf clothing for cold conditions

Galvin Green’s INTERFACE-1™ windproof collection features elegant zip-up jackets designed to be worn while you play, and easily tucked away when it gets sunny. The INSULA™ mid layer range includes half zips and sweatshirts made from lightweight materials that are breathable, and warm.

The slim-fitting golf windbreakers and high-tech mid layers are not only an essential part of a cute golf outfit for ladies, but they also double as ready to wear when you are off the course. You'll feel confident and comfortable wearing these styles on the school run, out for a walk, or as an extra layer underneath that statement coat.

Windproof pants you can wear in the country club

Let’s not forget about the Levana pant, a windproof golf pant whose slim cut and elegant fabric means it passes as a fashion piece. Ideal when it’s cold but not quite rain gear weather, the Levana pant is the epitome of style and function. It offers thermal insulation and stretch, and, it looks good. Plus, it will come in handy next time someone suggests an outdoor activity for which you don’t have the right warm pants.

A photo of a woman on a golf course wearing windproof golf pants side by side with a cut image of the same pants,

Save this for a rainy day

Serious golfers won’t let a little bit of rain get in the way of a game of golf, and you certainly shouldn’t let it get in the way of a stylish golf outfit. Galvin Green was founded as an alternative to the wet-weather apparel on offer for golf, which was unwieldy, cumbersome, and unfashionable. Today, our award-winning waterproof golf rain gear collection is designed for full comfort — and style — on the golf course.

A female golfer walks through a golf course wearing waterproof cute golf clothes and carrying her clubs.

Waterproof golf outfits that keep you dry in style

Where to begin? On a day of occasional light rain, you may be able to get away with a rain jacket and a waterproof hat. However, if there’s a chance of a downpour, we recommend opting for a entire outfit of raingear, which means covering up with golf rain pants, as well. The waterproof range is thoughtfully cut, with well-fitted, streamlined silhouettes that won’t interfere with your cute golfing outfits. And the rain gear is designed to be worn over your golf outfit, ensuring you’ll still be dressed appropriately for lunch.

The finishing touches

While they aren’t quite as exciting as the latest it-bag, women's golf accessories do make the outfit, particularly when it’s chilly out. Thermal hats and neck warmers will protect you from the elements, and they’ll work overtime for you on the ski slopes or the daily commute. A chic leather glove can complete the cutest golf outfits, but it’s not worth it if your hands are blue. Cue the Lewis gloves, Galvin Green’s best-selling cold-weather golf gloves (they come as a pair!) The gloves are made from a soft leather that ensures a comfortable grip, and a windproof material that keeps out the cold.

You rarely see a golfer playing without some kind of hat or cap. Choose wisely - ensuring your headwear provides protection from the elements, whether it be rain, cold, or sun. And don’t forget your golf shoes and your storm-proof golf umbrella, a must-have on a rainy day, whether you are on the golf course or not.

Form before function

Fashion-lovers will tell you that style comes before comfort at all costs, but believe us when we say it’s entirely possible to have dress code-friendly, cute golf outfits comprised of comfortable, high-tech performance apparel that look great on the golf course and in the country club. Golfing with your partner? Discover our matching golf outfits so he looks good, too. Galvin Green women's golf clothing was designed with form and function in mind, ensuring you play well, and look good, next time you’re out on the green.