Galvin Green's golf shorts are made of soft, stretchy materials with an extremely high level of breathability and UV protection 20+.

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    Golf shorts - women - Galvin Green

    Every female golfer's wardrobe should include at least one pair of perfectly fitted women’s golf shorts. Our shorts are designed in VENTIL8™ PLUS material that is lightweight, breathable, quick dry, stretchy, and have UV protection 20+, making them the perfect shorts to wear during hot and sunny weather.

    These golf shorts for women are truly comfortable. They are designed with excellent breathability properties that dry exceptionally quickly. The stretch fabric allows for optimum freedom of movement and these shorts are made with sustainable materials. Stay stylish while still being comfortable on the golf course – the best of two worlds.

    Our shorts have both front and back pockets for convenience. Materials used in these shorts are easy to care for and can be machine-washed warm at 40° Celsius.

    Women’s golf shorts – the perfect warm day attire

    Is there better weather to play golf in than sunny and warm weather? We don’t think so! But like any weather, it requires the right equipment. Pair your shorts with an equally comfortable top in either a classic color or something that makes you stick out on the golf course or in the clubhouse. If you are looking for prints, we got that too. All our golf shirts for women are made with the same properties as our shorts meaning that they are extremely lightweight, airy, and breathable – again, the perfect warm weather attire. Top your look off with a visor or a cap made in the same great VENTIL8™ PLUS material to keep your head cool during the game.

    If you prefer playing in a skirt or a dress, we have got that too. Visit our collection of golf skirts for women.


    How long should golf shorts be?

    The most important thing to consider with the length of women’s golf shorts is that they should be at a comfortable length for the player. The fashion right now is a little shorter than previously and it has become more accepted at the golf courses as well. Our women's golf shorts are designed to easily be folded up to make them a little shorter since we know that’s how a lot of women like to wear their shorts these days.

    Are golf shorts different?

    The difference between golf shorts – women’s compared to a regular pair of shorts is that they are designed for the game of golf. This means that when we designed them, we thought of every move a golfer might do during a round and made sure that there would be nothing standing in the way of the ideal game – we have ensured the freedom of movement. They are also designed with maximum breathability and quick dry material so you can stay cool and comfortable while playing your favorite sweaty game.

    We are golfers making golf clothes for golfers. We always design each garment with the game of golf in mind. That’s why you can trust that you will be comfortable and that the clothing won’t restrict your game in any way.