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    Award-winning golf rain gear for women

    Rainy day golf requires performance rain gear that’s up to par. Galvin Green has sold over 1 million pieces of raingear from our high-tech, premium range of golf apparel, and our waterproofs continue to be our best-selling items. With a wide range of garments, colors, and waterproof materials, our golf rain gear women collection has everything you need to play in the rain.

    The women’s golf rain gear is made from a variety of fabrics, all 100% waterproof, windproof, and breathable. Stretch fabrics allow extra freedom of movement, while lined materials give you extra warmth. Galvin Green works with lightweight, packable materials that don’t weigh you down while you are playing, and are easily packed away into your golf bag when the sun comes out.

    Using premium @bluesign fabrics, our golf rain gear for ladies is long-lasting, high quality, and responsibly made. All of Galvin Green’s women’s golf rain gear has a fabric warranty which means your pieces are guaranteed to be waterproof for the lifetime of the product.

    How to choose ladies’ golf rain gear

    Weather conditions, use, and personal tastes all need to be considered when choosing waterproofs. With a wide range of classic and seasonal colors, Galvin Green’s collection has options for all tastes. When choosing materials for a jacket or pants, it is important to consider when the women’s golf rain gear is going to be worn, and in what kinds of weather conditions. A Galvin Green women’s golf rain jacket is an investment, and if you want to make use of it when you are off the golf course, we typically recommend a lined jacket, because these are the only styles with inside pockets. The lightweight range is best used in warm weather, or if you want the option to easily roll up and store your jacket.

    All of the jackets are windproof and offer protection from the cold, but in chilly conditions, lined women's golf rain jackets offer more warmth, as warm air is trapped between the outer layer and the lining of the jacket, resulting in better thermal insulation.

    What to wear with golf rain gear - women

    Galvin Green’s golf rain gear for women is part of a high-tech range of golf apparel, designed to be worn in layers to ensure comfort and freedom of movement while you play. The women’s golf rain gear can be worn over base layers, shirts, and/or mid layers, depending on the weather conditions. Using our Comfort Combinations layering guide, you can find recommendations on how to dress for various weather conditions, including cold, wind, rain, and sun.

    Compliment your women’s golf rain suit with accessories such as thermal neck warmers and golf rain hats. Galvin Green’s accessory collection includes items to keep you warm, cool, or dry, and are made with high-tech details and performance materials to ensure your comfort on the golf course.

    Once you’ve started to wear and enjoy your Galvin Green waterproofs, be sure to take care of them. Regular washing and tumble drying will ensure a long life and make sure that the water repellency of the rain gear continues to function as it should. Don’t get caught out in the rain, discover a range of ladies’ golf rain gear designed to keep you dry and comfortable, so you can focus on your game.