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    High-tech men’s golf hoodies

    Galvin Green offers a range of modern, high-tech hoodies designed to be worn on the golf course. As part of Galvin Green’s award-winning INSULA™ mid layer range, each men’s golf hoodie is designed to provide thermal insulation and breathability, and is made from a lightweight, quick dry fabric that offers comfort and protection on the golf course.

    Galvin Green is a Swedish golf apparel brand focused on making high-quality, technical golf apparel that keeps you comfortable and warm on the golf course. The INSULA™ range is a selection of men’s, women’s, and kids’ sweaters, zips ups, golf sweatshirts, and hoodies in various weights, designed to be worn as an outer layer over a shirt, or a mid layer in cold conditions.

    What makes a good golf hoodie - men’s

    More than just a good booking hoodie - Galvin Green’s INSULA™ range pieces have high-tech features designed to provide comfort and freedom of movement on the golf course. Rated with warming effect #2, a Galvin Green men’s golf hoodie offers soft, stretchy garments with excellent thermal insulation properties.

    The INSULA™ fabric has built-in ‘air chambers’ that are warmed by body heat and provide extremely effective and long-lasting thermal insulation. To achieve the airy material structure, the fabric is knitted using a very fine gauge yarn - so fine that an INSULA™ sweater uses approximately 57,600 meters of yarn. This soft, stretchy fabric, used in a garment that’s designed with the movements of golf in mind, results in a performance hoodie that will keep you comfortable without restricting your range of motion.

    When to wear a golf hoodie

    A golf hoodie can be worn over a shirt on warm days, and as a mid layer underneath your warm golf jacket when additional thermal protection is needed. Galvin Green’s garments are all designed to work together as part of a sophisticated layering system called Comfort Combinations, providing warmth and dryness on the golf course, while allowing breathability.

    Galvin Green makes men’s golf hoodies for golfers who are passionate about the sport and who want to excel. Don’t let bad clothing get in the way, choose apparel that is designed for golf. Galvin Green INSULA™ mid layer range will provide premium, high-tech pieces that provide comfort and warmth, so you can get out and enjoy a day of golf without worrying about staying warm.