Galvin Green’s golf neck warmers

    A neck warmer is a very versatile and useful accessory, especially when playing golf in chilly and windy weather. It is very similar to a scarf but so much easier to use. The tube-shaped neck warmer slides over your head and then rest on your shoulders to keep your neck warm and comfortable. The golf neck warmer is not only insulating and warm, but it also acts as a wind stopper between your jacket and skin. This is a must-have item for the golf player who wants to conquer the elements.

    Golf snood for chilly days

    A neck warmer, or snood or bandana as it also is called, is the perfect garment to wear on windy and chilly days. Galvin Green’s snoods are made in the award-winning INSULA™ material, which is insulating, quick dry, breathable, and very soft and stretchy. The INSULA™ material is bluesign® approved which means that it’s produced with no harmful chemicals, which is very beneficial both for you, the producers, and the planet. All neck warmers have warming effect #2 to keep you warm and protected.

    How to wear a neck warmer

    Galvin Green’s neck warmers can be worn in many ways. Of course, it can be worn as a scarf, but also try to wear it as a headband to protect your ears and head. Wear it as a face mask, a gaiter, a helmet liner, a hood, a headwrap, a bandana, or as a hair tie. There are most likely even more ways to wear it, go ahead and explore all the opportunities.

    All our neck warmers are designed to be matching the insulating golf hats. They both follow the rest of our collection's color scheme so you can find a full matching outfit and be both comfortable and stylish on the cold course. Choose from classic basic colors like black, navy, and gray as well as trendy and bright colors like blue and orange. You will also find snoods in fun and inspiring patterns designed with bold and exciting colors. To keep the whole body warm, pair the neck warmer and hat with a pair of golf gloves or mittens.