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    Thermal golf tops for women

    Cold weather golf requires a carefully thought through layering plan that will ensure you stay warm and dry throughout the day, without impacting your breathability and freedom of movement. Galvin Green offers a high-tech range of base layer golf tops for women, designed to be worn as the first layer against your skin. In cold conditions, a lightweight, breathable, soft base layer will allow you to maintain your body warmth and keep you comfortable while you play.

    On hot days, where sun protection is key, Galvin Green’s UV 50+ golf tops for ladies allow you to have an extra cover from the sun, while keeping you cool (or, as cool as the conditions will allow.) Made from bluesign® approved fabrics, the base layer range is cut close to the body and made from soft, stretchy fabrics that won’t hinder your range of motion, while helping you to maintain body heat, or in the case of our sun tops, protect you from UV rays.

    High-tech base layer golf tops - ladies’ range

    Wearing the right clothes is so important when you are golfing in cold or cool weather. Galvin Green has developed a layering system, Comfort Combinations, that addresses the different golf weather conditions with layers that include outerwear, mid layers, shirts, and base layers. In cold conditions, a high quality thermal base layer is key.

    Galvin Green thermal base layer tops for women are all designed to be worn against the skin and to help you maintain body heat. The tops are designed to work in tandem with the mid layers and outerwear to ensure you stay warm and dry, while allowing breathability throughout all of the layers. The tops are made from a lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking fabric that ensures comfort during your round.

    UV golf tops - women

    On hot days, sun protection is essential. Galvin Green sun golf tops for ladies offer UV protection of 50+, giving you extra coverage when the sun is shining. These long sleeve, extremely lightweight tops can be worn on their own or underneath polo golf shirts for ladies. These moisture-wicking tops will ensure you stay dry on the hottest of days, providing both sun protection and comfort when you are out on the golf course.

    Discover a range of base layer golf tops for ladies that are lightweight, breathable, and comfortable, while offering you protection from the cold or the sun.