Waterproof, windproof, or warming, our range of lightweight protective outer layers will keep you comfortable without restricting your freedom of movement.

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    Galvin Green's golf jackets for men

    Men’s golf outerwear is one of the things we know best here at Galvin Green. We have made golf jackets for men and women for over 30 years and have made it possible for our customers to stay comfortable on the golf course no matter the weather. No matter if you need a waterproof, windproof, insulating, or short sleeve jacket, we've got one that's perfect for you.

    Different types of men’s golf jackets

    For those rainy days on the golf course, you need a 100% waterproof jacket, preferably made out of GORE-TEX and with sealed seams, which all of our rain jackets are. We offer a wide range of different models, styles, and colors of waterproof golf jackets for men. They will all keep you dry and comfortable throughout the game. We offer waterproof jackets with short sleeves as well, perfect when playing golf in warmer climates.

    For most rounds, we suggest that you wear one of our INTERFACE-1™ jackets. They are windproof, lightweight, and extremely breathable and the material is very stretchy making it very comfortable to play golf in. We offer both full-zip and half-zip alternatives as well as different warming effects so you can find the men’s golf jacket best suitable for your climate. We also offer INTERFACE -1™ jackets with padding for extra warmth on those chilly days. INTERFACE-1™ is also available as a vest as well as with short sleeves. The INTERFACE-1™ material is also water repellent meaning that it can handle a drizzle or a light shower of rain. This is why we claim that this is the jacket you are going to wear nine out of ten rounds.

    All our jackets are stylish enough to be worn outside of the golf course as well, but thanks to our Lab 1.0 collection Galvin Green now offers jackets that actually are designed for an urban setting. In the collection, you will find a waterproof and windproof parka as well as a windproof and water repellent puffer jacket. There is always an occasion when you should be wearing a Galvin Green men’s golf jacket.

    Our golf jackets for men are made from sustainable materials

    You can feel good about your purchase when you buy men’s golf jackets from Galvin Green. They are all made in bluesign® approved fabrics which means that they were produced in a way that is safe from an environmental, health, and production point of view, both for the workers and consumers.