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    A premium golf jacket for all weather conditions

    Galvin Green is a Swedish premium golf apparel brand that has an award-winning collection of high-tech, long-lasting weather proof golf jackets. Golf outerwear is our specialty, and we take pride in offering a premium range of lightweight golf jackets that have been tested on the golf course.

    Galvin Green was founded in the nineties by Tomas Nilsson, after he struggled to find good quality golf outerwear and hybrid golf jackets. At the time, performance golf jackets were heavy and restricted your swing. The pieces weren’t reliably waterproof, and the color range was uninspiring - mostly black and navy. Nilsson saw a gap in the market for high-tech, lightweight golf jackets that combined style with performance, so he invested in the best waterproof technology and created smart, colorful and technically advanced golf jackets that utilized the latest fabrics and components.

    What makes a good golf jacket?

    A golf jacket needs to protect you from the elements, allow freedom of movement, be lightweight, and look good. Galvin Green’s range of waterproof and windproof golf jackets do just this - offering a lightweight golf jacket collection that offers a selection of fabrics, cuts, and styles so that every serious golfer can find a piece that works for them. Using premium waterproof and windproof fabrics, a Galvin Green golf jacket is designed with to keep you warm and dry, while allowing full breathability and comfort. All of the jackets are lightweight, making them easy to wear while you play, and easy to carry in your bag.

    If you are looking for a comfortable golf swing jacket, then look no further. Galvin Green’s golf jackets are all designed to allow full freedom of movement, ensuring nothing gets in the way of your swing. With features like adjustable chest widths, repositioned side seams, wide armholes, and shaped sleeves, these hybrid golf jackets are designed to move with you while you play, and not to restrict your movement. Tested on the golf course by golfers, every Galvin Green jacket is designed to help you to excel at the sport you love.

    Other features of a Galvin Green golf jacket can include front and back pockets, inner pockets, lining for extra warmth, adjustable cuffs, and elastic drawstring waists.

    When to wear a winter golf jacket

    A warm golf jacket should be worn when playing in cold, rainy, or windy conditions. Choose a Galvin Green golf jacket that is waterproof (if you risk getting caught in the rain) and windproof, ensuring you stay warm. In very cold, wet conditions, you can layer a windproof hybrid golf jacket under your waterproof outerwear, otherwise, one or the other will be suitable as a top layer. Galvin Green offers a range of mid layers and sweaters that offer different levels of thermal insulation underneath your jacket. Your golf sweater can be worn over a golf polo shirt or a thermal base layer.

    In warmer conditions, a lightweight golf jacket can give you protection from the wind and rain, while keeping you cool and comfortable while you play. We recommend wearing a golf hybrid jacket over a light mid layer (if needed) and a shirt. Galvin Green’s short sleeve golf jackets are ideal when there is wind or rain on a warm day.

    How to take care of your golf jacket

    Waterproof and windproof jackets should be washed regularly, according to the garment's instructions. Dirt can affect the fabric and its ability to keep you dry, which is why it is essential to clear your jacket on a regular basis. When wearing golf rainwear, you should not carry sharp objects in your pockets as this can puncture the waterproof membrane. Be sure to remove your golf shoes before taking your paints on and off, as this too can cause damage.

    Our website has a garment care page with detailed instructions on how to take care of your Galvin Green golf apparel.