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    Award-winning golf rain pants

    Galvin Green’s award-winning rainwear collection features a large selection of premium golf rain pants for men and women. Using high-tech materials, the pieces are designed to provide comfort and freedom of movement, allowing you to enjoy your game of golf, no matter the weather.

    Designed by golfers for golfers, the Galvin Green golf rain gear collection has carefully considered details and features to ensure each piece is fit for purpose. All of the pants are made from bluesign® approved fabrics that are 100% waterproof and windproof, ensuring protection from the elements. Lightweight, extremely breathable, and stretch fabrics give you freedom of movement and reduce restrictions while you play.

    Product features include zipper front openings, fleece lined pockets, and elasticated waists with drawstrings, all designed for convenience and comfort. Available in a wide range of colors and sizes for men and women, Galvin Green golf rain pants are the first choice for golfers who want to stay dry in the rain.

    Choosing the right waterproof golf pants

    A few factors should be considered when buying golf rain pants. First and foremost, you’ll want to know that your pants will provide full protection from the elements. All of Galvin Green’s golf rain jackets and pants are completely waterproof and windproof, meaning you stay warm and dry when you are out on cold, rainy days. Golfers need lightweight and breathable clothing so that their range of motion is not compromised, and this is why all of Galvin Green’s golf rain pants are made from sophisticated, high-tech materials designed for outdoor activities.

    Our waterproof golf pants come in a range of styles and fabrics, each with unique properties that are useful for rainy day golf. Choose lined pants if you are frequently out in the cold, as the lining will allow a pocket of air to form between lining and outer fabric, giving you extra warmth. Our lightweight, packable waterproof golf pants are ideal for rainy and warm days, and can easily be rolled up and packed into your golf bag when you don’t need them.

    All of Galvin Green’s golf pants are designed to be worn over pants or a thermal base layer. The men’s range comes in three lengths: short, regular, and long, while the women’s collection is available in short and regular. Be sure to choose the correct length, as these pants are not easily hemmed.

    The golf rain pants are available in a range of colors, so you can match your pants to your jacket, mid layer, and golf accessories.

    Taking care of your waterproof golf pants

    Galvin Green’s premium golf apparel is designed to be long-lasting and you will be able to enjoy your items for many rounds, providing they are cared for properly. Be sure to closely follow the care instructions provided on the garment and on our website. If you wear studded golf shoes, it is imperative you don’t wear them while you are taking your pants on and off, as studs can damage the waterproof membrane. Be careful about carrying pointy objects in your pants pockets, and do not embroider the fabric of any of your golf rain gear, as this will compromise the material and cause leaks.