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    Find a high-quality blue golf shirt

    Here at Galvin Green, you can count on always finding golf apparel at the highest level. We never compromise on neither quality, functionality, nor style. No matter if you are looking for outer wear, such as rain clothing or wind jackets, breathable base layers, or cool everyday wear for the golf course, you will be able to find it in our online store or at our trusted retailers.

    With that being said, if you are looking for the perfect blue golf shirt, you have come to the right place. Here you will find a large selection of navy golf shirts, teal golf shirts, light blue golf shirts, as well as printed shirts in all different kinds of shades of blue. The selection includes golf shirts for women, golf shirts for men, and golf shirts for youth.

    Premium material – navy blue golf shirts

    Our golf shirts are made of premium high-tech material that will stand up to the test of time. The fabric used when producing the shirts keeps the highest standards and has plenty of built-in functions. How about a lightweight, breathable, and quick-dry material that will keep you cool and dry even during the hottest rounds of golf? Or UV protection 20+ that protects you from the harsh sun rays on the exposed greens? Or a super stretchy and soft fabric that won’t restrict your swing in any way? Well, all this and more can be expected from a navy blue golf shirt from Galvin Green, and of course, on all the other colored shirts as well.

    How to match a blue golf shirt

    Matching a navy blue golf shirt can be both fun and easy. Blue is such a classic color that works great together with a lot of different colors. One thing to take into consideration is that blue comes in many different shades and variations. Match a royal blue golf shirt with white pants, shorts, or a skirt for a look that pops, yet is classy and proper. Navy, white and red is a classic sporty look that will make you look athletic and ready to compete. Light blue combined with white will give you a crisp spring or summer outfit while when combined with navy it will give you a more toned-down look. Navy matched with more navy is timeless and will always be in style and a safe card to always carry with you.

    To achieve the right look, match the blue golf shirt with the desired color on pants, shorts, or a skirt, as well as a mid-layer sweater, knitwear, vest, or jacket. Remember to add a hat to solidify the look. A hat is a perfect accessory to make an outfit either stand out or tie it together. The same goes for a belt in either a matching color or an accent color. Galvin Green’s large selection of colors and styles will make you able to find the perfect combinations for you and your family.