Galvin Green's golf shorts are made of soft, stretchy materials with an extremely high level of breathability and UV protection 20+.

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    When to wear womens golf shorts

    When is a good time to wear golf shorts for women? Nothing beats a game of golf on a sunny day. It’s the ideal time to bring out your summer golf gear, including a pair of golf shorts for women. Paired with a chic shirt and a good looking mid layer, womens golfing shorts are a great option when playing golf on warm and sunny days.

    A typical outfit for a golf game on a warm day could include a pair of womens golf shorts, a polo shirt, and a cap or hat for sun protection. Carry a zip up or half zip mid layer which can be worn with your golf shorts for women if the temperatures cool.

    Best golf shorts

    Who makes the best womens golf shorts? Like many of Galvin Green’s designs, the womens golfing shorts are designed with excellent breathability properties and that dry exceptionally quickly. The stretch fabric allows for optimum freedom of movement and these womens golf shorts are made with sustainable materials. Materials used in the golf shorts for women collection are easy to care for, and can be machine washed. The quickdry fabrics ensure your womens golfing shorts keep you cool, dry, and comfortable.

    The best womens golf shorts are designed by a team of people who understand the sport of golf. Who are the designers behind Galvin Green’s golf shorts for women? Galvin Green is proud to have a product development team who are avid golfers, which means they are familiar with the sport and understand the importance of having well-designed golf shorts for women. Freedom of movement is key in all of Galvin Green’s designs, which is why the womens golfing shorts are comfortable and easy to play in.

    When playing golf under the sun, it is important that your shorts offer comfort and protection. Many of the materials used in the womens golf shorts feature UV protection of 20+. This added protection built into the golf shorts for women’s fabric is ideal on hot and sunny days. Also, all of Galvin Green’s womens golfing shorts have pockets, either in the front, back, or sides.

    Designer womens golfing shorts

    What should we wear with your womens golf shorts? The Galvin Green womens golf shorts collection allows you to mix and match separates to create an outfit that suits the weather conditions on any given day. Pair your golf shorts for women with a range of shirts, mid layers or jackets, depending on the conditions. Galvin Green womens golfing shorts will allow you to experience freedom of movement on a completely new level. Developing high-performance womens golf shorts is all about translating the best technologies available into a pure performance-driven design. 

    Whatever challenge you’re facing on GameDay, you can always feel completely confident that Galvin Green has a selection of womens golf shorts designed to keep you cool on hot, sunny days.