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    The best golf sweaters

    Are you looking for the perfect golf sweater? Do you want a golf sweater that is comfortable, stylish, and easy to wear on the golf course? A well-designed golf sweater is an important part of the golfer’s wardrobe, whether you are a professional, regular player, or new to the course. Golf sweaters provide that essential layer between your shirt and jacket when weather conditions are less than favorable. 

    What are the features of Galvin Green’s golf sweaters? Galvin Green’s golf sweater collection includes items that are streamlined and highly breathable, and are the perfect intermediate layer under a waterproof jacket. These are the ideal golf sweaters to keep the body at an optimum performance temperature. Designed and developed by a team of golfers, all of Galin Green’s golf sweaters are tested on the golf course to ensure they will help you to excel at your game. 

    Luxury merino golf sweaters

    What are the benefits of choosing a golf sweater made from merino wool? Made from merino wool, a Galvin Green golf sweater is designed for warmth and breathability. Merino wool is ideal for golf sweaters, because it is a versatile, warm, natural yarn made from Merino sheep wool. Merino wool golf sweaters are soft, skin-friendly, and not itchy. A merino wool golf sweater will drape well and provide exceptional comfort on a cold day.

    Why does Galvin Green use Merino wool in its range of golf sweaters? Galvin Green uses Merino wool in its golf sweaters because of its excellent properties. First of all, a merino wool golf sweater is soft, due to its fineness. A high quality Merino wool golf sweater will not require any softeners. Merino wool is also highly elastic, which is an important feature in golf sweaters. A golf sweater made from Merino wool can retain its shape after being stretched.

    Does a golf sweater need to be breathable and warm? Breathability and warm comfort are very important features of a good quality golf sweater. Merino wool is an absorbent fibre, which is ideal when playing golf in cool temperatures. Merino wool; golf sweaters have low heat conductivity, like a built-in climate control. This means your golf sweater will keep you warm when it is cold outside, and cool when it is warm.

    Is a Merino wool golf sweater good for the environment?  Merino wool golf sweater is also a 100% renewable and biodegradable material that is hypoallergenic. Ideal for activewear, Merino wool is the perfect choice for a golf sweater.

    A Merino golf sweater can be a versatile piece of clothing that you can wear outside of the golf course. The classic cuts and colors of the golf sweaters mean they work in formal environments, like the office. The thermal properties of Merino mean that a Galin Green golf sweater will be practical during any outdoor activities, from skiing to hiking, even camping. Choose a high quality, classic merino golf sweater that you can wear almost every day.

    A warm and comfortable golf sweater

    With a reputation for making some of the best golf apparel on the market, it’s guaranteed that a Galvin Green golf sweater will help any seroous golfer achieve their potential on the golf course. Layer your golf sweater over a shirt or base layer, and underneath your favourite golf jacket. There’s no doubt that a Galin Green golf sweater is one of the best in class, with features and a fit designed to give all golfers the protection they need while out on the golf course.

    Featuring a range of styles and colors, Galvin Green’s collection of golf sweaters is versatile, comfortable and stylish. This range of classic golf sweaters will provide comfort and breathability on the golf course, but can also be worn off course in any range of events. Choose a golf sweater that will take you from lunch to golf to drinks to dinner. Discover Galvin Green’s range of high quality, long-lasting merino golf sweaters.