Golf Trip Essentials

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How to Pack for your Golfing Getaway

What to bring golfing so you’re never caught out in the wind or rain

Whether you’re heading to sunny or wet and windy destinations, a good golf trip packing list is an essential part of making sure you enjoy yourself. This handy guide will cover everything you need to be prepared to face the elements, leaving you to embrace the GameDay experience.

How to pack your golf clubs

The most important item to pack for a golf trip is your clubs. We recommend giving your clubs a good clean before you pack them and make sure there is plenty of padding in your flight bag so there are no unexpected surprises when you take your driver out on the first tee. A towel is the perfect tool to use for cleaning and padding which can also be put to use for the duration of the trip.

Golf bag necessities: golf shoes & socks

A good pair of golf shoes is vital to a good round of golf. Make sure to check the conditions before you leave, as there’s nothing worse than getting caught in the rain with a pair of shoes that aren’t cut out for wet conditions. Spiked or spikeless is another key question to ask yourself, so check you have the right sole type for the course you will be playing. Fresh socks are also an absolute must before a round of golf, so be sure to pack plenty of pairs.

How to pack your golf bag: which clothing to bring?

Different clothes suit different conditions, so we are going to break this category down into summer and winter essentials.

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How to pack a golf travel bag: summer trips

Lightweight and breathable collared golf shirts that wick away sweat and dry quickly are the ultimate way to stay cool and comfortable on the course during the summer months and Galvin Green’s VENTIL8™ PLUS range offers just that, as well as 20+ UV protection. Whether you prefer a bold graphic print, or an understated block colour design, a variety of cool golf shirts is the best way to keep you looking stylish for every round you play. Stretch golf shorts or golf skirts for women are a perfect warm weather choice. To finish off the look, a golf belt should be on your golf trip checklist.

Even on summer days the temperature can begin to drop, so we recommend being prepared by packing a lightweight mid layer. Golf sweaters or a golf hoodie are the ideal choice to stash away in your golf bag just in case it starts to get a little chilly later in your round.

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How to pack a golf bag: winter trips

Knowing how to properly pack a golf bag for a winter trip is essential for making sure you can get the most out of your game. There’s nothing worse than being cold and wet on a golf course, so plenty of layers as well as suitable waterproof clothing should be on your golf trip checklist. The best way to stay warm on the golf course is to have a number of layers available so you can quickly change in and out of them as the temperature rises and drops. Checking the weather before you leave on a trip will allow you to prepare for whatever conditions you may face.

A good set of thermal base layers are the perfect way to build an outfit and will keep you warm in even the coldest conditions. Combining a base layer with a lightweight top and mid layer will prepare you well for a breezy winter’s day, but when temperatures really start to drop, a golf jacket is the ultimate solution.

A short sleeve golf windbreaker is also worth packing in order to give you a variety of options in cooler conditions. For additional warmth, a golf neck warmer and wrist warmers will provide that extra coverage to protect you from the elements.

Golf Rain Gear

No winter golf trip is complete without a bit of rain, so make sure you come prepared. A good golf rain jacket and golf rain pants can be the difference between holing a winning putt on the 18th, or having to walk off the course wet and dejected after nine holes. Golf raingear is one of the must-haves for golf travel in the winter.

Golf Necessities: Golf Gloves

Treat yourself to a brand new golf glove before a trip, and we recommend keeping a spare since it is an easy piece of equipment to lose. For colder rounds, a pair of winter golf gloves are perfect for keeping your hands warm between shots.

Pack Your Headwear: Hats & Visors

On cold days, a beanie is the ideal way to keep you warm and comfortable out on the course while the wind whips around.

For sunnier destinations, golf hats like a cap or sun visor are the perfect way to keep you cool with the sun off your face. If it’s forecast for rain, there is no better way to keep the droplets off your neck and eyes than a golf rain hat.

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Golf Bag Essentials

Golf Equipment List: Balls & Tees

Balls and tees are golf necessities, so stock up before you leave. Holiday course prices can be a bit steeper than your local course, so it makes sense to plan ahead to avoid any unwanted expenses.

Golf Bag Must-haves: An Umbrella

An umbrella is great for keeping both you and your golf bag dry during a round, and will give you that extra protection you need to make sure you and your belongings all get back to the clubhouse as dry as possible.

Golfer Must-haves: A Rangefinder

Rangefinders or GPS devices are golf bag must-haves. With a wide variety now cheaply available, there is no excuse for not knowing your yardages. Make sure to pack any spare batteries or chargers you may also need.

Golf Essentials to Stay Hydrated: A Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is key to maintaining focus on the golf course, which is why we recommend you pack a large insulated water bottle to keep your drink of choice nice and cool for the duration of your round.

Stay Safe: Sunscreen

Sunburn is a sure-fire way to ruin your trip, so pack some sunscreen to keep you protected out on the course. Make sure to apply it daily, even in cloudy conditions.

What to Bring Golfing: Snacks

Whether it’s a chocolate bar or a banana, snacks will keep you going during a round when energy levels start to drop. Packing your own snacks is a great way to avoid disappointment when you check the pro shop fridge.

Things you need for golf: pitchmark repairer & ball marker

It is good golf etiquette to repair pitch marks and divots on the course, there’s nothing worse than getting to a green covered in unrepaired pitch marks. Chuck a couple of coins in your bag too, so you can mark your ball easily when on the green.

Don't forget: an extra bag

Great for carrying a change of clothes or anything else you might need after your round, an extra lightweight bag is the ideal holiday companion.

 - Johnny Percival