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    Outlet - Discount golf apparel

    Are you looking for high-quality golf clothing at an affordable price and are on the hunt to make a bargain? Then you have found the place! Galvin Green’s outlet is full of premium golf apparel at a discounted price. You will find a collection of previous seasons' models and color palettes on sale, everything with the same great quality as always, but at a reduced price.

    Clearance golf apparel at top quality

    In Galvin Green’s outlet, you can find golf clothing from all different categories at a discounted price. Golf jackets, pants, shorts, mid-layers, accessories, and golf shirts for sale at the lowest price available.

    Buy a golf jacket on sale with completely waterproof and/or windproof features that you can be sure to wear season after season. Our GORE-TEX jackets are 100% waterproof and windproof and ensure that you can participate in your favorite sport even though the rain is pouring down. Match with a pair of pants and a hat with the same great properties.

    Find a new sporty outfit based on golf clothing for sale. Buy a polo shirt in breathable, lightweight, and comfortable fabric made from VENTIL8™ PLUS material in a fun and inspiring design. Match with a mid-layer in the same color palette to make sure you are comfortable and look good, even if it gets a little chilly during the round. To complete the look, add a hat or a cap with smart weather-specific properties.

    Sale – golf clothes and accessories

    One of the best things to buy on sale is accessories because they are normally discounted by up to 50%. For example, buy top-quality rain hats in the classic colors of navy or black at a discounted price, only because we have changed where to place the logo. These hats will never go out of style and are super practical. Or find belts in fun and unique colors to make your outfit pop.

    Galvin Green’s golf apparel – clearance

    In the outlet, you can find our premium high-tech golf apparel from previous seasons discounted between 20 and 50%. However, don’t be surprised if you find even higher discounts from time to time.

    Rainproof jackets are normally discounted at 20%. Wind jackets, insulating sweaters, polo shirts, and bottoms can be found discounted up to over 50%, even if the garment is only a few months old. Be sure to check the outlet section before you move forward to the checkout.

    At Galvin Green, it’s always a sale going on in our outlet. On top of that, you can expect one large sale each year, it’s the end-of-the-year sale. During Black Friday – golf apparel is not extra discounted in our shop as so many of our competitors do. Neither will you find golf Cyber Monday deals during this time. Instead, we donate a section of our profit to a special charity during “Black Week”. We do this to promote how important sustainability is to us, and to really advertise how long-lasting our products are. There is simply no need to keep buying new products since ours will last you for a very long time.

    Find quality golf apparel at discounted prices, shop men’s outlet, women’s outlet, and junior’s outlet.