Waterproof, windproof, or warming, our range of lightweight protective outer layers will keep you comfortable without restricting your game in any way.



    Galvin Green’s girl’s and boy’s golf jackets

    Galvin Green believes that all golfers, regardless of age, should have good quality apparel and outerwear. This is why the junior golf clothing range is designed with the same performance materials and high-tech details as the adult range. The girl’s and boy’s golf jackets are part of a full apparel range, allowing the young golfer to excel on the golf course, in comfort and style.

    Galvin Green offers two types of jackets in the junior range — the waterproof jackets are designed to be worn in wet conditions, while the windproof and water repellent jackets are made for cold or windy days and will offer the wearer protection from light rain. Jackets are available in both full zip and half zip styles and come in a range of classic and seasonal colors. All of the jackets are windproof, lightweight, breathable and long-lasting.

    How to choose a junior golf jacket

    The first thing to consider when choosing a girl’s and boy’s golf jacket are the conditions in which it will be worn. If you play in the rain, or are often at risk of being caught in it, we recommend a waterproof jacket. Galvin Green’s award-winning waterproof range is known for its ability to keep you dry and comfortable while you play, without restricting your freedom of movement.

    For players who need protection from the cold, an INTERFACE-1™ jacket is ideal. 100% windproof and with a water repellent finish, these jackets are lightweight, stretchy, and extremely breathable. Designed to be worn in most typical golf weather conditions when you are facing cold days or light rain, an INTERFACE-1™ golf windbreaker jacket is all you need.

    Layering for golf

    Combine garments from different layers to reach your full potential in any weather. Galvin Green’s pioneering Comfort Combinations layering system will give you the power to reach for the peak in comfort and with full freedom of movement. We recommend layering girl’s or boy’s golf jackets over shirts, mid layers, and/or base layers, depending on the weather conditions. On warm days, a GORE-TEX or INTERFACE-1™ jacket can be worn directly over a shirt, while in cool or cold conditions, we recommend wearing a shirt, an INSULA™ mid layer, and a jacket over top.

    Galvin Green’s golf accessories collection includes a range of junior pieces for boys and girls. On cold days, a breathable, quick dry hat and neck warmer will provide excellent thermal insulation without compromising your range of motion. Galvin Green’s youth golf clothing collection is designed to dress the young golfer in comfort and style.