During warm and sunny weather, the Galvin Green golf skirts and dresses will keep you cool and focused in every moment.

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    When to wear golf skirts

    When should you wear golf skirts for women? Warm weather golf is a great time to wear womens golf skirts. When you need something to keep you cool during your game, while at the same time fitting in with your local club’s dress code, stylish, high-tech golf skirts for women are the perfect attire.

    What kind of golf skirts does Galvin Green sell? Galvin Green offers a wide range of golf skirts designed specifically for the sport of golf. This range of womens golf skirts are easy to wash and maintain, and they dry in a snap. Paired with any of the tops, shirts, jumpers, vests, or jackets from the Galvin Green collection, these golf skirts for women are the ideal piece to wear during a game on a warm or hot day.

    Best womens golf skirts

    What are the features of Galvin Green’s golf skirts? Galvin Green are proud to offer a range of golf skirts that are designed with excellent breathability properties, are quick dry, and are designed with stretch fabrics. Made from VENTIL8™ PLUS fabric, the golf skirts for women are breathable, lightweight, soft, and stretchy.

    How do womens golf skirts keep you dry, cool, and comfortable on a hot day? The fabrics in the VENTIL8™ PLUS womens golf skirts are engineered to give an extremely high level of breathability and excellent moisture-wicking properties. The yarn is made from polyester, since polyester does not absorb moisture, but pushes it to the surface of the fabric where it is spread out (wicking effect) and evaporates.

    How big is the range of Galvin Green’s womens golf skirts? Available in a range of colors, patterns, and cuts, the golf skirts collection features a wide range of options for golfers. Choose from classic colors to seasonal prints with different designs. Some golf skirts for women will include piping or contrast details, carefully selected by the Galvin Green design team. Do Galvin Green’s womens golf skirts come with inner shorts? All of the womens golf skirts include inner shorts, and many styles offer front or side pockets. This collection of golf skirts was designed for golf, and can be paired with the brand’s wide selection of shirts, mid layers, and jackets.

    Galvin Green golf skirts for women

    Galvin Green has been developing high-performance womens golf skirts for more than 30 years. Featuring a range of functional clothing and golf skirts that are designed to provide optimal comfort, this range will help golfers perform at the peak of their ability in any weather. 

    Choose breathable, comfortable, functional golf skirts for women that look good on the golf course. On a sunny day, womens golf skirts are the ideal piece of clothing to wear during your game. 

    With a reputation for making some of the best golf apparel on the market, it’s guaranteed that any one of Galvin Green’s womens golf skirts will help a serious golfer achieve their potential on the golf course.