Stay in control whatever the weather. Galvin Green GORE-TEX waterproof technologies are ‘Guaranteed to keep you dry™’ in any weather, without restricting freedom of movement in the swing. The waterproof range offers a diverse set of material technologies to allow each golfer to choose the optimal rainwear to maximize functional comfort and performance. Galvin Green waterproofs feature maximum breathability that enables the release of excess heat and moisture and are also windproof, extremely durable and long lasting.


      When to wear womens golf rain jackets

      When should golfers wear womens waterproof golf jackets? Womens waterproof golf jackets are an essential part of a golfer’s outfit when playing golf in rainy and windy conditions. Galvin Green designs award-winning womens golf rain jackets that are designed with the sport of golf in mind. Discover a range of high-tech, performance womens waterproof golf jackets that are as stylish as they are practical.

      What should you wear with your womens waterproof golf jackets? Galvin Green’s womens golf rain jackets are designed to be worn in tandem with mid layers, base layers, and shirts. Comfort Combinations is the sophisticated layering system which features mid layers, womens waterproof golf jackets, and base layers, and that allows golfers to create the ideal golf outfit depending on the weather conditions.

      The best womens golf rain jackets

      Who makes the best womens waterproof golf jackets? The best womens waterproof golf jackets are going to be waterproof, breathable, lightweight, stylish, and allow for full freedom of movement. Designed by golfers for golfer, Galvin Green’s womens golf rain jackets are engineered to allow a full range of movement, and not to restrict the golfer when swinging. The womens waterproof golf jackets also include details such as front pockets, two-way zip and shaped sleeves to deliver functionality when playing golf.

      How do the Galin Green womens waterproof golf jackets keep you warm, dry, but still allow excellent breathabillity? The GORE-TEX membrane, used in the womens golf rain jackets, contains over 1,4 billion microscopic pores per square centimeter. These pores are 20,000 times smaller than a water droplet, but 700 times larger than a water vapor molecule. This makes the GORE-TEX membrane completely waterproof from the outside, while allowing moisture to escape from the inside which are ideal features in womens waterproof golf jackets. 

      Are all of Galin Green’s womens waterproof golf jackets going to fully protect a golfer from the rain? All the different GORE-TEX womens golf rain jackets are durably waterproof. The womens waterproof golf jackets must pass an extensive wash/wear test cycle without degradation of their superior properties before being approved for production. As with all Galvin Green products, the womens golf rain jackets are designed to be long lasting. Consider the womens waterproof golf jackets as investment pieces you will comfortably wear for many years.

      High quality womens golf rain jackets

      Galvin Green is dedicated to making womens waterproof golf jackets that are functional, high quality, and stylish. As a Swedish brand, Galvin Green prides itself on designing elevated golf apparel and womens golf rain jackets that are both comfortable and practical. Choose from a range of womens waterproof golf jackets that includes a variety of sizes, styles, and colors, to suit a wide range of golfers.

      To maintain the quality and waterproofness of the womens golf rain jackets, please follow the washing instructions. Contrary to popular belief, womens waterproof golf jackets should be washed on a regular basis, to remove dirt which may affect the jacket’s ability to repel water.