Laurie Canter on Galvin Green: Performance and Comfort on the Course


We sat down with professional golfer Laurie Canter to delve into his perspective on Galvin Green apparel. Discover what makes Galvin Green his go-to choice for performance, durability, and comfort on the course.

How does the quality of GG products compare to other brands?

Lucky for me, I’ve been able to wear Galvin Green for so long, that it’s hard to remember! What stands out to me about Galvin Green is how the whole collection provides so much versatility in wear and design. For example, the performance aspect and breathability of the shirts and trousers is fantastic in hot and humid conditions. When I have seen other players struggle in the heat I have often thought about how the performance element and design of Galvin Green clothing is superior to a lot of other stuff on the market.

Do you find Galvin Green products to be long lasting?

I find them incredibly long lasting. Obviously, everyone knows Galvin Green is the gold standard of performance for wet weather gear, but I find all the clothing holds up incredibly well to all weather conditions and many rounds in the washing machine!

What products or layers do you like the most?

I love the VENTIL8™ PLUS technology in the shirts, which are fantastic in warm, humid conditions. I also love the INSULA™ mid layers, which is great when the days get a little cooler. They provide warmth but also allow me to feel flexible and mobile within my swing, which is essential to swinging well for me.

As a professional golfer, how important is quality and durability of your gear?

It’s essential. It’s an old adage but it rings true; if you look and feel good on the course, it helps to create a relaxed environment where you can play your best golf. If my clothing didn’t feel high quality, or I felt like it wasn’t able to withstand the changing weather conditions, it would compromise my performance. And, as a professional golfer, my performance is everything.

Can you describe a moment when the durability and quality of your Galvin Green clothing made a difference in your performance on the golf course?

I can think of numerous moments, but one that stands out to me was the final round of The Open 2023 at the Royal Liverpool Golf Course in Hoylake. I played my entire round in torrential wind and rain, and was able to put together a great score and climb 30 spots on the leaderboard to finish in the Top 20. Being able to play in my Galvin Green GORE-TEX C-Knit™ Jacket was a massive performance advantage, as it kept me completely dry, warm and able to focus on the incredibly tough conditions.