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      When to wear golf gaiters

      When is a good time to wear a golf neckwarmer? Golf gaiters are important accessories when the conditions on the golf course are cold, rainy, and/or windy. By protecting the uncovered area between your jacket and hat, a golf neckwarmer adds a level of thermal protection and ensures a golfer has limited exposure to the elements.

      Galvin Green is a Nordic golf apparel brand whose golf gaiters are designed as part of a full range of high-tech clothing designed for the sport of golf. The entire collection is tested by golfers, meaning the neckwarmer for the golf range has been worn on the golf course many times before being released to customers. Dedicated to ensuring each and every golf neckwarmer is practical, stylish, and easy to wear during golf, Galvin Green’s neckwarmer for golf range is full of great pieces for the amateur or serious golfer who considered comfort a priority.

      The best golf neckwarmer

      Does Galvin Green make the best golf gaiters? The best neckwarmer for golf needs to be made from a high-tech fabric that is soft, stretchy, breathable, and quick dry. A good golf neckwarmer also needs to provide excellent thermal insulation.

      How do Galvin Green’s golf gaiters keep golfers warm and comfortable in cold conditions? Galvin Green’s golf gaiters are made from INSULA™ warming effect #2 fabric, which has built-in ‘air chambers’ that are warmed by the body heat and provide extremely effective and long-lasting thermal insulation. To achieve the airy material structure, the neckwarmer for golf fabric is knitted using a very fine (thin) gauge yarn - so fine that an INSULA™ sweater uses approximately 57,600 meters of yarn.

      How does a polyester golf neckwarmer provide thermal insulation and dry comfort? The yarn of the golf gaiters is made from polyester, as polyester does not absorb moisture. This ensures that the breathability and quick dry effect in the fabric and the golf neckwarmer is maintained at the top level. The polyester used in many of the golf gaiters is recycled from PET bottles, making it an excellent sustainable choice.

      Galvin Green’s golf gaiters are also easy to care for. They won’t fade or shrink when washed, and all of the golf gaiters can be machine washed. Designed and developed by a team of golfers, every style in the Galvin Green golf neckwarmer range is tested on the golf course to ensure they will help you to excel at your game. 

      Galvin Green neckwarmer for golf

      Discover a range of apparel and accessories that are designed to provide golfers with comfort and freedom and movement, down to every last golf neckwarmer. Galvin Green’s neckwarmer for golf range features high quality golf gaiters that are practical and warm. Make sure you have a golf neckwarmer in your golf bag, for extra thermal insulation.