The golf clothing brand Galvin Green was founded in 1990 by Tomas Nilsson. Back then, the wet-weather apparel market was very different from what it is today. Golf waterproofs were heavy and unwieldy raingear that was restricting the swing, came in just a few uninspiring colors, and didn’t always keep the rain out. Together with chief designer Mats Lundquist, Nilsson saw a gap in the market for a new type of waterproof clothing, they wanted to combine style with performance.

Galvin Green invested in the best waterproof technology, incorporating the famous GORE-TEX® laminate technology, and introduced garments in new bold colors – bright blues, reds, and greens. In 1992 we made a bold impression with an unprecedented 39-page advertisement in a single edition of Sweden’s biggest golf magazine signaling that the brand had arrived. So too did the signing of the leading Swedish player at the time, Joakim Haeggman. In 1993 he was the first Swede to play in a European Ryder Cup team and he won the Volvo Scandinavian Masters in 1997 wearing Galvin Green clothing which propelled the premium-priced brand into the market.  

In 1996 Galvin Green added the first 3-layer WINDSTOPPER® garment to our collection to prevent wind chill. Seven years later we introduced the GORE-TEX PACLITE® jacket. The jacket offered golfers a lighter and more packable alternative to traditional waterproof apparel. Pockets and inner lining were stripped away to streamline the styling and provide a functional, lightweight waterproof garment that minimized swing restriction and maximized performance. The first half-zip waterproof garment was introduced in 1998; followed by fly-zip trousers; adjustable chest tabs; rain-channeled cuffs; and stretch fabric inserts. 

Another industry milestone came in 2004 with Galvin Green’s MULTI-LAYER CONCEPT. Before MLC, golfers had limited options for wet weather apparel - usually a polo and a bulky waterproof jacket without breathability. Galvin Green created a new range of complementary products designed to be worn and work as a set. The starting layer is a SKINTIGHT™ compression base layer, a shirt that would trap heat and increase the blood flow. Then the golfer could add a cool, moisture-wicking shirt and a warm layer as required, often replacing uncomfortable garments that had retained moisture. Lastly, a shell layer providing an outer shield to ward off the wind and rain is added to the outfit. As the weather conditions change during
the round, the golfer simply adds or removes suitable layers to maintain a consistent performance level. 

Galvin Green’s first GORE-TEX® waterproof jackets and trousers made from full stretch material came in 2008, while four-way stretch fabrics were introduced three years later. In 2010 the revolutionary VENTIL8™ fabric was launched and applied to shirts and trousers. The fabric has an extremely high level of breathability is moisture-wicking and is light, soft, and comfortable.

Galvin Green became an Official Supplier of weatherwear to the European Ryder Cup teams in 2016 and 2018, the latter benefitting from a new super stretch fabric. More recently, the EDGE range, targeted toward younger players, was released in 018 with bold military and camo themes combining performance with contemporary fashion.

Galvin Green is taking a holistic approach to sustainability and is constantly working on improving its materials and production methods. In 2021 Galvin Green was recognized for our hard work and won the “Sustainability in Sport” award at the Sports Technology award.

Today, Galvin Green’s largest markets are the UK, US, Canada, and Sweden, and we are continuing to push boundaries in golf apparel and waterproof clothing.


High performance clothing company founded and dedicated solely to golf.

The brand’s first GORE-TEX® & WINDSTOPPER® garments are launched. Galvin Green introduces bright reds, blues, and other colors to its waterproof collection.

The first 3-layer WINDSTOPPER® garments were added into
the line.

Half-zipped waterproof jackets are introduced, increasing the range of available styles.

Lightweight GORE-TEX® PACLITE® garments without pockets are aimed at serious golfers.

The MULTI-LAYER CONCEPT is pioneered with INSULA™ (warm layer) and SKINTIGHT™ (base layer) options.

First waterproof jackets & trousers made from full stretch material are released, resulting in less swing restriction.

Rain suits with stretch inserts are added to the collection for the first time.

The highly breathable and exclusive VENTIL8™ shirts, trousers, and shorts/skorts are launched.

Four-way stretch fabric is introduced to flagship waterproof jackets and trousers for greater performance levels.

Ryder Cup Collection followed by Official Weatherwear Supplier to the European Team (2016 & 2018).

EDGE is introduced, combining style and performance for the next generation of serious golfers. A revolutionary Superstretch waterproof jacket is launched for The Ryder Cup, plus an INTERFACE-1™ hybrid jacket.

SHAKEDRY™ brings a new level of advanced waterproof technology to the market.

Galvin Green receives the “Sustainability in Sport” award at the Sports Technology award.

Galvin Green is designed by golfers for golfers

The Galvin Green passion has always been to inspire golfers to play more golf. Galvin Green wants the golfer to feel at ease and perform at their best at all times. Every garment and layer in the Galvin Green golf collection has been developed to be compatible with each other – providing exceptional comfort, freedom of movement and protection from the elements. By offering a full range of apparel, Galvin Green is the number one destination for designer golf apparel. Galvin Green takes a deliberate approach to the design of the clothing. Each detail in the Galvin Green golf collection exists because the game demands it. There is never any compromise on the quality of materials, the fit or the functional design - your comfort, ease and performance are the priorities.

Galvin Green is golf

Galvin Green has been developing high-performance golfwear for more than 30 years. The functional clothing is designed to provide optimal comfort that will help golfers perform at the peak of their ability in any weather. Discover the Galvin Green golf collection and enjoy a range of performance-enhancing clothing that will improve your game. The Galvin Green mission is to give the player that extra edge to excel in any weather. Whatever challenge you're facing, you can rest assured that Galvin Green has gone the extra mile to give you the ultimate Game Day experience.

High performance Galvin Green golf apparel

At Galvin Green, developing high-performance golf wear is all about translating the best technologies available into a pure performance-driven design. Featuring state-of-the-art stretch technologies, GalvinGreen is introducing the next generation of shell layer comfort. By offering a full range of clothing, including base layers, jumpers, jackets, pants, shorts, and accessories, Galvin Green is a one-stop shop for your sporting apparel needs. The Galvin Green golf collection allows you to mix and match separates to create an outfit that suits the weather conditions on any given day. GalvinGreen clothing will allow you to experience freedom of movement on a completely new level. Developing high-performance golf wear is all about translating the best technologies available into a pure performance-driven design. By applying state-of-the-art stretch technologies to the shell layer range, the Galvin Green golf jacket collection offers weatherproof, breathable items that are designed with stretch so they don’t hinder your game. Combined with Galvin Green jumpers, base layers, and performance-designed pants, the apparel collection allows you to play golf in style, without sacrificing function or form.

The Green in Galvin Green

Galvin Green believes in a holistic approach to sustainability and our work on these issues is an ongoing process. Galvin Green’s goal is to introduce new, cutting-edge technologies to maximize the golfer’s performance, while at the same time, seeking to minimise social and environmental impact. Whenever possible, GalvinGreen chooses sustainable textile production methods, fabrics and labels. To Galvin Green, sustainability is also defined by long-lasting comfort. Durable, well-designed quality garments that create a relationship with the player, that will last the test of time. The Galvin Green golf collection is a range of designer apparel that is engineered to maximize your performance – whatever the conditions.