Wear 100% waterproof accessories to compliment your Galvin Green outfit.

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      Premium waterproof accessories

      Galvin Green is a Swedish golf apparel brand offering a full range of waterproof accessories. Dedicated to helping golfers achieve their potential on the golf course, no matter what the weather conditions, Galvin Green has designed a collection of waterproof accessories that are functional, practical, and comfortable. The range of waterproof golf hats and waterproof caps are designed to provide optimal comfort and warmth, and help golfers perform at the peak of their ability in any weather. 

      Whatever challenge you’re facing on GameDay, you can always feel completely confident that Galvin Green has a selection of waterproof accessories designed for the weather conditions. Galvin Green’s award-winning waterproof range includes waterproof golf hats and waterproof caps that will dry, warm, and ensure your game is a successful one.

      The best waterproof golf hats

      The best waterproof caps are often made with GORE-TEX, a fully waterproof material designed for outdoor activities, and include a lining. Choose waterproof golf hats made from a super smooth outer material that provides comfort and has excellent drape characteristics. 

      In some of the waterproof accessories made from GORE-TEX fabric, Galvin Green uses a lining on the inside for added warmth. The lining creates an extra layer of air between the GORE-TEX fabric and the waterproof caps that is warmed by your body heat to give a warming effect.

      Do you get tired of the rain ruining your day on the course? Galvin Green’s waterproof accessories are often 100% waterproof and feature advanced windproof protection that blocks all wind. What waterproof accessories do you wear when it’s cold and rainy and you want to play golf? Galvin Green offers baseball-style waterproof golf caps and fisherman waterproof golf hats so you can find the right waterproof accessories to keep you warm and dry. Choose waterproof golf hats that will offer you top protection from the elements, and let you focus on your game.

      When to wear waterproof caps

      The weather and conditions of your game will determine which waterproof golf cap you need. Waterproof accessories will protect you from the rain and cold while you are playing golf, and ensure you don’t lose your focus. On days when the conditions might change, keeping waterproof accessories in your bag will mean you are prepared for anything that nature throws your way.

      There’s no doubt that Galvin Green’s waterproof accessories are some of the best on the market. Designed and developed by a team of golfers, all of the waterproof caps are tested on the golf course to ensure they will help you to excel at your game. Whether you are looking for waterproof accessories to protect you from the rain, cold, or wind, you can be sure to find a great selection of high quality waterproof caps at Galvin Green.