rainy & cold WEATHER

To stay dry in the rain, you will need a protective outer layer made from a waterproof material and the seams to be sealed to ensure you stay dry. This outer layer needs to be highly breathable in order to let out excess heat and prevent moisture from building up from the inside.

Check out our high-performance shell layer garments made from GORE-TEX, designed to be waterproof, windproof, and breathable. GORE-TEX rainwear can be combined with a windproof garment, layered with thermal and base layers, or worn directly over a shirt.

Windy & cold Weather

To protect yourself from the wind, you need a protective outer layer made from a windproof material that keeps the cold out. Check out the high-performance jackets made from INTERFACE-1™ technologies, keeping the wind at bay.

The INTERFACE-1™ range is also water repellant and provides protection during short periods of light rain. The windproof jackets can be worn underneath a GORE-TEX layer for added warmth or can be worn directly over thermal and base layers, or a shirt.

Sunny & cold Weather

A mid layer garment will offer you extra warmth on a chilly day on the course. The thermal insulation properties featured by the INSULA™ range are defined by a warming effect, which allows the player to choose the optimal technology based on their specific needs.

Galvin Green mid layer garments are soft and stretchy, featuring excellent breathability to keep the body at an optimum performance temperature throughout the round.

Sunny & Warm Weather

The cool base layers are designed to help the player maximize performance in hot and sunny weather conditions.

The shirt range is made from VENTIL8™ PLUS materials that are lightweight, soft, and quickdry. Base layers made from SKINTIGHT™ Fresh materials provide optimal next-to-the-skin comfort in sunny and hot weather.

Both the VENTIL8™ PLUS and SKINTIGHT™ Fresh ranges offer integrated UV protection and feature long sleeve styles and long pants to protect from the harmful effects of the sun.