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Golf Pants and trousers for Men

Look sharp and stay focused. Galvin Green golf pants feature lightweight, flexible materials with a high level of breathability that makes every round a pure pleasure. Discover the wide range of colours and enjoy the generous selection of sizes to ensure a perfect fit for every golfer. Combine with Galvin Green stylish leather belts, and your bottom half is dressed up for a day of your favorite activity. All our pants are easy to wash and maintain.

What are the best golf trousers for men?

Galvin Green offers a well-designed collection of golf pants, made to be comfortable, functional, and good quality. In order to enjoy the game, you need to have the right clothing, and that includes golf trousers for men that are breathable, comfortable, and good looking. Galvin Green takes pride in introducing new, cutting-edge technologies to maximize the golfer’s performance, while at the same time, seeking to minimise social and environmental impact. Whenever possible, sustainable textile production methods, fabrics and labels are chosen for the collection of golf pants. The advanced fabric used in the waterproof golf trousers for men makes water bead up and roll right off the surface, keeping you dry and focused at all times. Our golf trousers for men will improve your game, not hinder it.

What is special about golf pants?

Your clothing should allow you to stay in control whatever the weather. An essential item in any golfers wardrobe is a pair of weather proof golf trousers for men. Galvin Green’s golf pants collection includes 3 different styles to pick from and a combination of about 70 sizes, to ensure every golfer can find the perfect fit. The waterproof golf pants are meticulously designed with features and details such as water repellent zips at the bottom of the legs for ease of entry, fleeced lined pockets for added warmth to specially designed seams for reduced friction. These water resistant golf trousers for men have everything you will need no matter what the weather brings. The most popular golf waterproof trousers have a minimal weight 320g (and a stretch material which comes in handy when you have to bend your knees to read the putt line. The premium waterproof golf pants are made from a revolutionary fabric which has a super smooth handfeel and can slide and glide over garments underneath. Neat details on these golf pants for men include carbon printed zippers and print to give the style a smart look.

What are good golf pants?

The best golf trousers for men need to be designed for the course. With european cuts and tailoring, this collection of golf pants are modern, and stylish, but do not compromise on fit and function. Comfortable golf pants can improve the enjoyment of a game. By offering a variety of fits, colours, and styles, the Galvin Green golf pants collection features high quality golf trousers for men that are designed for functionality, breathability, comfort, and style. Made from advanced fabrics and using sustainable textile production methods, these golf pants will keep you focused and comfortable. You work hard at improving your game and fine tuning your skill. It’s important that your clothing supports you in improving your game. Choose a collection of golf trousers for men that does just that, designed by golfers for golfers, Galvin Green’s golf pants are made for these moments. Discover high quality designer golf pants that will make you look good on the green and excel at your game.

Galvin Green is a pure golf brand specialising in the design and supply of high-performance clothing to golfers in more than 20 countries worldwide.

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