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• The website shall maintain a professional presentation standard and be operated in accordance with best industry practices.

• The dealer shall ensure that the website:

  • - is maintained 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • - is a true e-commerce site supported by telephone assistance to meet customer support.
  • - utilises encryption tools or a similarly secure method to receive and process orders and payments.
  • - at all times adheres to Galvin Green’s corporate image and display guidelines as issued from time to time.

• The website shall adequately describe the qualities and characteristics of the Galvin Green products and provide detailed product information. Only high quality images are to be used.

• The dealer shall ensure that the layout of the website mirrors the purchasing experience a retail customer would enjoy at fixed premises.

• Only profiling photos/campaign shots distributed by Galvin Green are to be used in online campaigns.

• The dealer shall list for sale all products which are notified by Galvin Green as being in its current range and shall not sell discontinued products unless approved by Galvin Green.

• The dealer shall ensure that stock is available to meet a maximum delivery time of no longer than 5 working days.

• The dealer must not sell any goods which infringe the Galvin Green Intellectual Property.

• The website shall clearly stipulate a formal privacy and data collection policy, terms of use, trading name and contact information.

• The dealer will provide Galvin Green with access to the website (where appropriate, before it goes live) in order for Galvin Green to give its approval of the presentation and content.

Galvin Green Newsletter


The journey has begun. During the 2020 season, Galvin Green will launch a series of great experiences for serious golfers out there. Be sure to stay tuned for upcoming events.