WHATEVER THE WEATHERThe Ladies’ Collection 2019 Part One


Derek Murray is renowned worldwide as a golf club custom-fitter par excellence. The award-winning Irishman with a big personality set up his ForeGolf business more than 20 years ago working out of a small shop just outside Dublin. Today, he and his family-oriented team operate a modern custom centre at Killeen Castle, Co. Meath providing amateur golfers with the same degree of fitting expertise as he once dispensed for several Major champions on Tour.

What attracted you to golf in the first instance?

My Grandfather, Kieran was a great golfer and played a lot off a 4-handicap out of Royal Dublin. He was good friends with Christy O’Connor Senior and many other great golfers from the 60’s and 70’s. That was my first introduction to golf – caddying for him at Royal Dublin and then he organised my first job working under Ernie Jones at The K Club when I was fresh out of school at 18 years old. It was supposed to be just a summer job in 1990, but I never left the industry.

Who were your golfing heroes and why?

Ernie Jones – Head Golf Professional at The K Club back in the late 90’s. He taught me the foundation principles of great customer service and how to present yourself. Seve Ballesteros – the great entertainer. He was always a hero of mine and when I got to work with him on the grind on his wedges out on Tour in 2004, it was one of the highlights of my career building clubs.

When did you make your first golf club and for whom?

The first club I properly made was part of my Master Club Making exam in 1998. I had to shape and build a wooden headed driver from scratch – sand it, stain it, varnish it, pour the face, screw in the insert, shaft it, whip the hosel and grip it. I still have it in my office. The first clubs I made out on Tour were for former US Open champion Michael Campbell at the European Open at the K Club in 2002 and he went on to win the tournament.

Where did you fine tune your club making skills?

I worked with Golfsmith in the UK and USA and took all their club-making courses and credit a lot of help to Neil Cooke of Golfsmith UK. I also did a spell of training with Dynacraft/Diamond Golf under the late Chris Treacy. The late, Barry Willett from Mizuno also helped me a lot when I first went out on Tour. I got a huge amount of help and began to hone my craft with Loic Monchallin and David Richalot from Cleveland Golf on the European Tour. The biggest fine tuning came from doing all the fittings over the years, as every player is different and it helps you to improve your process and achieve the true craft of club fitting.

On Tour, who did you make clubs for and who was the most demanding?

I manged to get around quite a few events over the years and work with many top players, such as Padraig Harrington, Darren Clarke, David Toms, Eduardo Romero, Ian Woosnam, Retief Goosen, Shane Lowry and Vijay Singh. To be honest, for me it was the best job in the world to be working with the best players and I never found their requests or demands tough at all. In fact, it positioned me well for delivering service and clubs to the same high levels in our business today.

What encouraged you to set up the first club fitting centre of its kind in Ireland?

Having seen the results I could achieve out on Tour and how fitting and building the clubs on-site for the players worked, my idea was to set up this kind of scenario for the public. I formed ForeGolf in 1997 with my father, Don who now builds the clubs exclusively and then my mother, Christine and sister, Jill joined the business. David Williams joined us in 2008 after working with him out on Tour. We started to develop the business with our own 50-foot (15.2 metres) Tour Truck from which you could hit balls from the trailer and eventually moved to a state-of-the-art work shop and studio at Killeen Castle, north-west of Dublin.

What reaction do you find most rewarding when a customer hits with the clubs that you’ve fitted?

Our process for fitting clubs and then building them to an exact specification means we see great results on a regular basis. Even the large golf brands struggle to build the clubs as well as we do, so great reactions and instant drops in handicap are a regular occurrence. We recently asked our customers to review what we do and how they have improved and to date we’ve had over 500 reviews with very positive messages of wins, lower handicaps, more fun and enjoying the game more. My father particularly loves to hear the customers’ stories of their reduced handicaps or winning the monthly medal. It’s good for us all to hear that we are making a difference and that our customers are getting the most from our custom clubs.

What particular skill in club-making marks out your craftsmanship?

We’re most famous for our consistency and extremely low tolerances. We have a cap on daily production, which means we can only build a certain number of clubs each day in order to meet with our quality controls and build consistency levels. The ability to ‘read’ the player quickly is also a trait that I have become very good at over the years and getting to the right shaft and head spec quickly is what I’ve become very talented at.

What does it take to be the best in the field and what brands do you fit most of?

It’s been over 20 years of a dedication to our craft and we never wavered from our path of building the best clubs using the best components and creating one of the best and most successful experiences in golf. We stuck to our core values of making the process all about the player. We focus on making a difference and not about selling clubs. We work with all of the major equipment brands and have quite an even split of product application, as it’s all about what works best for the individual golfer. We also have a lot of mixed product bags with different products doing different jobs. We were one of the first brand agnostic fitting centres and one of the first in the world to be allowed the license to build clubs outside of the factories.

When did you come across Galvin Green for the first time?

I came across the Galvin Green product on Tour and remember seeing the logo on some of the players. I then got invited on a press trip on behalf of Golf Digest Ireland a few years ago where I was properly introduced to not only the products, but also the design team and great people behind the brand. Then I realized that we both shared a similar mind set. At Galvin Green, they only use the best components, have an extraordinary attention to detail, have the best build quality and employ the best people to design, support and drive the product. It was the easiest thing to partner with Galvin Green and its culture and I’ve been a fan and an ambassador for the brand ever since.

Kevin Murray / Golf Monthly




Troy Merritt has been the face of Galvin Green on the PGA Tour since 2017. Last July he won his second Tour title at the Barbasol Championship with a closing round 67. Eleven days later, he suffered a blood clot that stretched across his chest into his bicep. Amazingly, six days after surgery he was competing at the PGA Championship and only missed the cut by one stroke. Having just signed a new contract extension, here he talks about the brand and why he loves the clothing.

What was your first impression of Galvin Green clothing having worn it for the first time?

What drew me to the line when I was looking for new clothes was the outerwear and how good it was. Reading all the reviews, it really intrigued me and all of it looked great. There was nothing over the top with wacky colours or weird prints. It was all very crisp and professional.

Then when I got my first shipment and tried it all on, I loved it right away. What I like most is the little elastic lining on the waistline of the pants that keeps the shirts tucked in, so your shirt doesn’t come flying out when you bend over a putt. That’s a great thing to have.

The outerwear is phenomenal. We have plenty of quite cold mornings playing on the west coast and late in the year when the outerwear really comes into its own. Some guys on Tour load up with three or even four layers, but with Galvin Green gear I can put on my normal polo shirt and a jacket and I’m totally fine. And that’s something I haven’t found with any other clothing brand I’ve worn before.

How much of a feel good factor does the clothing give you on the first tee?

If you look and feel good, then you’re going to play good. When you’re standing on the first tee, all you want to be thinking about is hitting the tee shot. If you’re thinking how do I look or how do my pants fit, then your mind isn’t where it needs to be. But with the Galvin Green clothes, your mind is never on the clothes, because you just feel great and everything fits properly.

I always make sure I look good with matching colours before I leave the hotel room for the golf course. After that, the clothes speak for themselves so I can just go out and play golf. Some guys on Tour load up with three or even four layers, but with Galvin Green gear I can put on my normal polo shirt and a jacket and I’m totally fine. And that’s something I haven’t found with any other clothing brand I’ve worn before.

Do you get comments on the clothes from fans and fellow professionals?

The fans are funny and are always asking ‘can I have your signature Mr. Green’. They think my name’s Galvin Green, because they see it on the shirt!

Other pros always compliment me on how I look and dress, especially on the outerwear and I’m sure many are a little bit jealous. Whenever we have poor weather, I feel I have a one-up on everybody because I’m dressed more appropriately.

What’s your favourite Galvin garment?

I really like the Ventil8™ shirts. They’re sharp and they allow a little bit of a breeze through on those hot summer days when you’re sweating. So you’re a lot cooler out there than some of the guys who are wearing cotton shirts. The Ventil8T™ shirts keep you a good 10-15° cooler and that also gives you one-up on the competition, as you don’t have to be looking to change shirts as often as everybody else.

What determines your tournament colourway choices?

I don’t have any preferences like Tiger or Patrick Reed wearing red and black on the last day. I always have a hard time picking out what I want to wear from Tuesday to Sunday, because you always want to look your best at the weekend. But the problem is, everything I have I can look my best in! So, the issue is what’s going to sit out, come out on the practice round or the Pro-am and what’s going to make the tournament rounds. With Galvin Green clothing everything is so nice and looks so well that I feel like I’m wearing my best outfit every day.

Is Galvin Green the ideal brand for serious golfers?

Absolutely. It’s not for your typical fair-weather golfer, because they’re not going to be out there when it’s cold or blowing, raining or even snowing. But for golfers who are very serious about it and don’t mind the weather that they play in – from really hot and sunny to cold and miserable – there’s something in the Galvin Green line that’s going to make you feel as though you’re really warm or cool enough to go out and seriously compete. With Galvin Green clothing you’re always going to be dressed properly and that’s exactly what the serious golfer wants.

How do you see the brand growing in the US?

We need to get the brand greater exposure on the PGA Tour and I’m looking to get it on the leaderboard more often. I think it will catch on in the States, especially in the northern part of the country where it gets cold, but it can be humid too.






No matter whether it’s a cold, windy morning in southern Sweden, or a hot, humid afternoon in southern California, you can count on Galvin Green to keep you comfortable and enable you to be the best golfer you can be. Meet Josephine Janson and Alisa Diomin as they try out our new collection on two different courses on two different continents.

IT COULD DEFINITELY be a nicer day when we meet up with tour player Josephine Janson at PGA National, at Bara outside Malmö in southern Sweden. The temperature has dropped during the night and the thermometer shows a mere 8° C. At the same time, the wind has increased and there’s a strong breeze making it impossible to use an umbrella to protect us from the elements. But that doesn’t stop a serious golfer like Josephine.

Dressed in Lisette, an INTERFACE-1™ full zip jacket with GORE® WINDSTOPPER® membrane and water repellent finish, she approaches the first tee.

“I always bring my INTERFACE-1™ jacket with me wherever I go,” says Josephine. “It’s so lightweight, but still protects me from both wind and a drizzle. Really, it’s the most versatile golf gear there is.”

Today’s weather in the south of Sweden is certainly not getting any better and we realize that Josephine needs another outfit. She opts for a combination perfect for wind and rain, Ariana jacket and Audrey trousers made from the latest GORE-TEX technology in golf. Even when the rain is pouring down, the elastic fabric keeps you both warm and dry. With details like shaped sleeves, repositioned side seams and adjustable width on both waist and leg, you don’t even think about wearing rain gear. And thanks to the smooth ‘slide & glide’ on both jacket and trousers your swing works as well as when the sun is shining.

“Being a Swedish player and mainly playing in northern Europe, I rely on golf gear that really works in rainy weather. I know Ariana and Audrey will be my new favourites and I’m so happy that Galvin Green this season has introduced the latest GORE-TEX material in the Ladies collection,” adds Josephine.

TO SHOOT OUR NEW TOPS and skorts we have to leave the north and go west. They say it never rains in southern California, and as we meet up with professional golfer Alisa Diomin at Omni Lacosta Resort in Carlsbad, close to her native San Diego, we definitely don’t have to struggle with our umbrellas.

Alisa’s life is all about golf as she is pursuing her LPGA Tour Card, but she’s also an influencer with 137k followers on Instagram. As she usually plays where the weather is hot, Alisa’s need for rainwear is not that big. Instead, she needs golf gear that keeps her cool.

Therefore, our new Ventil8TM combination is just perfect. The short sleeve shirt Marylou and the skort Mika are both soft and cooling. On a sunny summer day, it’s important to wear clothes that are breathable and have great moisture wicking properties.

“the fabric is awesome. it has so much stretch and the three-colored ­design is really cool. Together the shirt and skorts look like a dress.”

Alisa Diomin, golfer and influencer

She also tries on Maylin, a short sleeve shirt and the sleeveless shirt Mia. Both are available in four different colors and like Marylou and Mika made of Ventil8™ fabric.

The day we spend together with Alisa the temperature reaches 28° C (82° F), but when the sun begins to set it drops quickly and makes you want to cover up. The full zip INSULA™ jacket Dorothy is the ideal choice, because it’s soft and smooth and enables you to keep on golfing. It also has a feminine sporty look and maximum breathability, as well as thermal regulation.

“It’s a really nice jacket to put on and I absolutely love this color,” says Alisa about the new lavender/clover blossom shade.

Alisa keeps swinging although we have to leave. But, before we go, we wish her all the best in her pursuit for a LPGA Tour Card. And we are convinced the new Galvin Green gear will help her to achieve her goal.

Back in Sweden the weather is still bad. The rain has stopped but the temperature has dropped. To protect Josephine from the strong breeze she adds Lina, a knitted hat with windproof INTERFACE-1™ lining. The navy/white pattern matches the detail on the sholder of the Lisette jacket perfectly. For extra warmth, she also puts on Delta, a neckwarmer made of INSULA™. Finally, to keep warm Josephine tries on a Doreen in sunny lime over her Skintight™ base layer. This INSULA™ Lite half zip pullover is smooth with maximum breathability and thermal regulation With Galvin Green Ladies Collection, you can always look smart no matter what the weather conditions are.

Sweden: Eddie Andersson

USA: Shawn Hubbard

Golf Course: Kevin Murray