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Interface-1™/ Warming Effect #2


Warming effect #2

High-performance golf featuring INTERFACE-1™ technology for optimum protection and ultimate comfort when playing golf in windy conditions. Soft, stretchy materials with high breathability as well as totally windproof and water repellent properties. The warming effect #2 offers soft, stretchy INTERFACE-1™ garments providing thermal insulation. Designed for more golf.

- Advanced windproof protection blocks all wind
- Water repellent
- Thermal insulation properties
- Highly breathable - Enables the release of excess heat and moisture

The INTERFACE-1™ fabric with Warming effect #2 is developed to be lightweight, stretchy and comfortable to wear. The fabric is constructed with three different layers laminated together. On the outside is a tight knitted polyester layer, with a soft hand feel; in the middle is a windproof and breathable polyurethane membrane; and on the inside, a soft and thin polyester mesh that offers excellent comfort next to the skin.

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