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INSULA™ / Warming Effect #3


Warming effect #3

High-performance golf wear featuring INSULA™ technology for extra warm comfort in cold conditions. The INSULA™ warming effect #3 is designed with body mapping technology. The garment incorporates inserts of a woven polyamide fabric with micro padding inside to give extra warmth and protection for those parts of your body where you need it most. Designed by golfers, for golfers.

- Body mapping system for exceptional warming properties
- Highly breathable. Enables the release of excess heat and moisture.

The INSULA™ warming effect #3 fabric has built-in ‘air chambers’ warmed by the body heat that provide extremely effective and long-lasting thermal insulation.To achieve the airy material structure, the fabric is knitted using a very fine yarn - so fine (thin) that an average INSULA™ sweater uses approximately 57,600 meters of yarn. The yarn is made from polyester, as it doesn’t absorb any moisture. This ensures that the breathability and quick dry effect in the fabric is at the highest level. The polyester used is recycled from PET bottles, making it an excellent sustainable choice.

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