Campaign 2015

Nicholai Stein, Brand Manager at Galvin Green, about the 2015 marketing.

Tell us about the campaign theme?
“Stay ahead. Any day. Every day.” is the theme of Galvin Green’s 2015 campaign. It perfectly summarises the driving force behind our latest collection. Our high-performance golf wear will always enable serious golfers to focus on the game and stay ahead of both the weather and the competition.

Why does the ad photos show iconic golf courses?
Few things excite us as much as extreme golf courses. For a brand by golfers, for golfers, the vision is crystal clear. Galvin Green is inspired by the demanding conditions at iconic courses around the world. From the scorching heat in the deserts of Dubai, through the demanding links on the Irish coastline to playing under the midnight sun north of the Arctic Circle.

What’s in the new app ”Galvin Green // Gear Up”?
Our latest app is packed with useful stuff for the serious golfer. Check the latest weather forecasts and get advice on how to dress for optimum performance. You can also challenge your friends directly from the app, and much more. The app is free, of course.

How come you’re promoting GORE-TEX® right now?
As a brand, we want to be up to date and adapt our communication according to season, weather and temperature. This means we will convey our Multi-Layer message through a series of drops throughout the year. First up is our latest APEX GORE-TEX® jacket. Pure art of performance; 101 parts, 0 compromise.

You have launched a new digital platform. Why?
It is 2015. Our main communication channels are digital. A lot of the things we’ve done goes on behind the scenes to help us continue to maintain the highest level of service, but on the website, for example, our visitors will experience the products in a completely new and user friendly interface, perfectly adapted for mobile phones.

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The journey has begun. During the 2020 season, Galvin Green will launch a series of great experiences for serious golfers out there. Be sure to stay tuned for upcoming events.